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New Members, Introduce Yourselves!  

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[img]smile.gif[/img] I've been noticing all these new names on the different forums. Some of you I've said hi to, and read your profiles. Some I have missed. First of all, welcome to the best ski forum on the internet!

Now don't be shy! Say hello and tell us about yourselves!
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Allright then, I'm up late & have the brown bottle courage so I'll step up to the plate at the risk of being extremely boring.

Wait, what am I supposed to say here? Ok, you can call me Scott & for those poor souls who have had the displeasure of reading one of my replies or posts, you already know I have a habit of being way too wordy..so I'll apologize right now for that one but only now.

Ummmmmmmm.....30 something self proclaimed genius with a snow addiction etc..etc...

That's about it...for more, questions must be asked..

Nighty night
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Great idea, LM.

Welcome aboard, Snojock!

It would be great to hear from the rest of you new guys.
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Well I am a relatively new poster though I registered a long time ago and have been guilty of lurking and learning ever since [img]smile.gif[/img]

The reason I have not posted much is primarily because last season I wasn't able to ski nearly as much as I would have liked to (a mortal sin for which I'm sure I shall be condemned to eternal damnation ) and hence the Instruction forum was not graced with my ignorance.

I do fully intend to apply all of my new found knowledge this time and bombard all the veterans with even more newbie fluff as well as well deserved thanks.

As to personal details, mid-twenties, live too far from the slopes, daydream of quitting my job so I can live to ski.
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Sorry all I crashed the party without introducing myself. (drank the beer too)

Many have an opinion on WHAT I am but the reality of WHO I am is quite boring.

I am a Level III APSIA qualified ski instructor. For 12 years I travelled the world teaching skiing (still a crap skier though). I then lost the plot, got married, and became a Microsoft Systems Engineer in a suit. Lost the plot again got divorced and currently when I get the whim I renovate old beach houses and sell them to nice city folk. I do not have a regular income or wear an office suit and I am one happy guy.

My sons + surfing & skiing are my life. I live at a nice quiet surf beach in Oz (so I don't loose the plot again). As the snow is crap downunder I instruct in the US or European winter. I try to get to Mexico after the ski season for some warm Mexican waves and to arm wrestle a few Texans & New Yorkers.

I like a beer and a chat and thanks to SnoJock I am currently wrestling with a potato.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Welcome all..
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
[img]smile.gif[/img] I've been noticing all these new names on the different forums. Some of you I've said hi to, and read your profiles. Some I have missed. First of all, welcome to the best ski forum on the internet!

Now don't be shy! Say hello and tell us about yourselves!

Hello lisamarie,

I am a Pilates teacher in England and a skier too. Many of my clients ask for individualized programmes according to their favourite sports. As a fitness instructor how do you view Pilates as a tool for preparation to ski? I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks for your input. This site is brilliant.
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I too am guilty of lurking but not posting much.

I really enjoy the lively discussions and the knowledge that is on this forum.

I am a level 2 CSIA ski instructor and unfortunately have not put a lot of miles on my boards in the last several years.

But this year I plan to make up for lost time. Bought myself a new pair of Atomic 10.20's end of last season and I can already hear them calling my name as I check the snowfall in the mountains. The shape skis put the fun back into skiing.

I honed my technique on the ice packs of the Ontario ski hills so enjoyed the discussion on eastern skiers vs western skiers. I still think the eastern skiers can hold an edge better!

On the personal side, a lot of days I wish I didn't work in an office and instead lived in the mountains; age is 29, again (it's a female thing); own a 12 year old chocolate labrador named, of all things, Nestle; and to borrow a phrase from MOZ, lost the plot and am divorced but the new plot's getting exciting.

And I really enjoy the company on this forum.


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skisuisse; I also teach Pilates. I have a VOLUME of stuff I can say about it, but am about to teach class. Will get back to it later. Suggestion: Pilates and skiing may be a good topic to post in Instruction! [img]smile.gif[/img]
MJ, nice to see more pet owners. We have a greyhound and 2 cats.
Oz, if you read the stuff about SCSA, you will see that perhaps some of us are a bit sensitive about people whose first post is posed as a challenge. Nothing personal. Eventually we all end up getting along.
Snojock, I do not find your posts wordy. Rather, they are informative and honest.

To everyone, please do not get put off by our occaisional flame wars. Without coming off as arrogant, there are some pretty intelligent people on this forum. Thus, there is bound to be differences of opinion. There are other more congenial ski forums than Epicski.

IMHO, they are just not as fun!
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Hello everyone, I am perhaps the biggest offender of lurking and not posting, just call me the forum ninja. [img]smile.gif[/img]I have been reading this board faithfully for over a year and only posted twice! Perhaps I am intimidated by the level of skiing conversation. I can say that this forum has greatly improved my skiing and gear knowledge. Last year I bought my first good pair of boots, partly because of info in this forum. I love the lively conversations and debates, it does seem to have gotten a little more heated lately. I especially like SCSA post "A few notes from the field" I agree 1000%! On the personal side I am a 23 years old full time collage student, I ski 40+ days a year mostly at killington, don't feel bad for me I love it there. I run a computer dept. in a nearby town. I don't know what level skier I am, I've been skiing since 6 years old. I love bumps and trees, and can't wait to do chutes, and cliffs. I am glad to have found a board as good as this one, you helped me make it thru the summer! Thanks!
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Welcome to EpicSki, all you guys!

I would encourage those of you who have not filled-in much of your profile to do so when you get a chance (go to "My Profile" above). That goes a long way in fostering the community atmosphere where we all know something about each other.
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I found this site when I was looking for info about skiing i North America.
One of the best sites on net for sure!
About me: 21 yo Swede who is about to move somewhere where there is a big montain with lots of snow on it for a couple of months. Dunno where yet, but I'm working on that...
When I ski I mostly do it on Telemark skis, but I still take out the Alpine's when it gets tough.
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BTW, the Fernie trip is open to anyone, no minimum posts required!
There has been talk of a few NE trips and Colorado get togethers. We seem to be having a problem getting everyone together at the same time, so it may end up being a bunch of trips.
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Hello LM,
Long time lurker, first time poster (not really). I have come across this forum from time to time looking for info on gear, mountains and opinions. I live in Salt Lake, try to ski as many days a possible (work, life, etc.). Pass holder at Alta and talk **** to my friends in Colorado. Don't believe any of the hype with Utah. Sking is poor at best and really crowded (read disinformation). Have fun and remember friend don't let friends ride snowboards.

Jim Conway
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Hello all. I've been lurking since I found this board a couple of weeks ago. I've also done absolutely no work since I found this board a couple of weeks ago - What a fantastic site! Very informative and to have such a developed base of skilled skiiers all pooling ideas can only be good.
I'm 29, a father to be (in April) and absolutely obsessed with skiing according to my wife.
I'll be in Zermatt for a week in March but would appreciate any ideas for resorts in Canada/US for a second trip.
I'm going to have to do some work in the near future but thanks to all for making it look like I'm busy recently.
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How about joining us in Fernie on Feb. 22? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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LM, I've been thinking seriously about that. A couple of my mates are interested aswell so it looks like a distinct possibility. I just have to get approval from my minister of war.
By the way, do you ever sleep?
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I've been around awhile, rarely posting. This is a great forum with plenty of lively, informative discussion. I've been skiing for many years but only recently have been able to devote to the sport the time I would like. After getting in a few miles over the past few seasons and becoming addicted to NASTAR gates, I'm now considering ways and means to seriously pursue Masters racing.

Thanks to all here.

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Really glad to have found EpicSki, a fortunate coming together of the knowledgeable, the skilled & the crazy. I am 52 y.o. skiing the past 40 yrs or so. Family bought farm in norhtern NH which I now co-own w/ my brother which we sustainably tree-farm and breed dairy cows. But my day job is landscape architeture with a design firm in Boston. I'm active in the Appalachian Mountain Club and work to bring a strong environmental ethic into all I do. We grow a lot of our own food and heat our house as much with wood as with the oil burner. Our family: wife used to ski, daughter, 15, on high school alpine team but idolizes freeskiers. We ski most often at Cannon Mt. esp on the Mittersill side, Jay Pk., Owls Head, Bretton Woods but go to lots of other areas occasionally. We are all basically crusty yankees but are OK once you get to know us.
This "get to know the newbies" opportunity is a great idea, thanks!

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Hi All,

Thanks to the illustrious Mr Barnes for introducing me to this site!!!

Having spent 25 plus years in the cube world a few years ago I took the "rightsizing" opportunity to redirect my life to the Colorado High Country. Now instead of endless and useless meetings I have transformed my part time avocation to a full time career. I recently received my PSIA 20 year pin and have been a level 3 since the late 80's.

During the beautiful Colorado summers I work in a golf course pro shop and teach junior golf.

Life is good!!!
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I am the ultimate voyeur here and may continue to snoop on your talks for years. Y'all are the greatest to spy on and I have little to add except I may have questions from time to time.

I am the 40+ mid-life crisis you dread (or I was some years back) and I ski 20-30 days a year if I am so lucky. I hit Mammoth and Colorado when I can, settle for SoCal and think Tahoe has the best views in the world and to H--l with those who think it is not extreme enough. I am a gear slut and have no desire to be cured. (May Wink post forever and may Phil p never stop).

Our obsession is much healthier than most and I hope to stay addicted for a long time. I am grateful for Vail and such because my spouse resents skiing (but likes spas)and I hope to get to Whistler and Banff before my cartilage fails. I have never skiied the East and from what I see here may not--we have lots of ice and crud in SoCal.

In drudge life I am a deal lawyer who actually likes the process of making other guys rich. Sick, I know. But deal fever is not far from snow fever.

I think of Lisamarie when I use the Skier's Edge or go to the gym.

And I sired a snowboarder so I can't even bash knuckle draggers.

See what too much scotch does in terms of blurting out?

Please keep posting because it keeps so many of us sane to know there are folks like you out there.
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Wow, all of this is making me feel warm and fuzzy inside! [img]smile.gif[/img] Glad you think of me when you work out.
BTW, I started out as a spouse who resented skiing, too. Hey, who knows?
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Hi to All,

I too have been a bit of a lurker over the past year or so. I friend told me about the site last winter and I’ve poked around periodically since. I just registered and have found the forums and posting to be somewhat…well…addictive. I’ve guess I’ve kind of jumped right in and I hope I don’t sound like a know-it-all. This is a great group of very knowledgeable people for whom I have developed a quiet respect for, and I hope that my recent posts have not turned anyone off. Like I said, it’s a bit addictive.

Anyway, I’ve been skiing since I was three growing up in Vermont. I lived a very sheltered existence at a small family mountain in Northern VT close to Burlington until I graduated from UVM in 1987 (or was it ’88? [img]smile.gif[/img] After college I summered in Portillo, had a mutual but rugged breakup with my Babe upon arrival, worked as the video operator for the ski school (turned out to be the best job there because I skied all the time) and really developed a hankering for big mountains. The next winter, 1989-90 (I think) I moved to Squaw Valley and the rest is history.

Among other professional skiing work/play, I’ve been teaching and guiding skiing for the past 12 years. Pretty much specializing in good skiers and off-piste skiing (off the groomed runs most of the time). It has been a great trip. I have been fortunate to do some instructional writing along the way as well.

I now have a small family. Wife and two kids; boy 5 and girl 3. Out of the kid production business and into the kid management business. Still making a living as professional skier although this is never easy is it? But skiing has always been a big part of my life and that’s the way I want it to continue.

I base and teach out of Sugar Bowl, CA, backcountry guide in the Sierra Nevada mountains and still travel about 50-60 days a year to work/ski , spending some quality time carousing N. America, Chamonix, and S. America.

So…that’s it in a nutshell.

Best regards to all.
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Thanks for the intros, this is great! Glad to have all of you aboard and looking forward to great discussion with the incresing diversity in the forum.
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Hi to all,

As a newbie to any forum, I just finished a version of this and poof, it was gone. Rookie move!

I was just turned on to this excellent forum a couple of days ago by another new member, Eski, and have been catching up on some good reading since.

I have yet to post, and continue to lurk until such a time as my knowlege may be timely and useful.

I am a full time independent ski coach and tennis pro based out of lake tahoe, Ca. I spend time at many of the different resorts, but consider sugar bowl my home mountain as it is the kick off point for some of my favorite adventures.

As a thirty something new father, with another baby on the way I'm trying to keep the ski life going and see no fade in my passion for skiing and instruction.

My basic theory of teaching in both tennis and skiing is "SIMPLIFY AND ENJOY!" But interestingly enough, the path to simplicity often includes indepth analysis and study. Thankyou epic ski for "Creating the Space".

So until the next time,
snow is good.

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I'm in Seattle, Washington. I've been skiing for 27 years. Presently I'm skiing Volant Epic T3's coming off of Volant Super Ti's (Like Phil I'm a diehard Volant fan). I prefer to ski Crystal during the weekdays but will venture up to Stevens on occassion. I travel to Utah, Idaho and BC as often as possible.

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Always good to see more Seattleites in the forum.

With a bit of luck from mother nature hopefully we will be making turns soon in the PNW.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Argus:
Always good to see more Seattleites in the forum.


Its the time difference...

Welcome all!
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Hi everyone [img]tongue.gif[/img] !

I just started lurking about a month ago after skiing Loveland and looking for a way to further feed my fix for winter. I think those of us living in Colorado absolutely love the season they’re in, but always long for the next one to begin. Mud season drives me insane!

As for me – Gosh, I feel like I’m posting a personal add. I grew up and went to school back East in Fairfax, Virginia – suburban capital of the world. Started my 21 year skiing career at the age of 10 at world renowned resorts such as Seven Springs, Ski Liberty, Whitetail, Wintergreen, and Wisp. Epic trips would take me to Smugglers, Stratton, Sugarbush and Killington.

Graduated college, worked/lived in the beltway, commuted to NYC and one day finally decided to pack everything in my Pathfinder, with my girl, who is now long gone, and move out West. She and I had different ideas about enjoying Colorado entailed – within a year in a half she went straight back to the big cities of the East Coast. I should’ve known when she didn’t understand, “No friends on a powder day,” unless in the backcountry.

Currently, the love of my life comes in the four legged variety. I rescued/stole/found her tied up with a ladies dress belt to a bumper of a junked car in an abandoned lot on a 100 degree day two summers ago. I was gutting a house in downtown, and over the sound of the belt sanders, I kept hearing this dog in agony. What else was I to do? And she loves the snow – hiked up Loveland Pass Sunday and dropped in. I think the dogs had a better time than we did. FYI, the top was great, the run out next to the creek SUCKED! Take your rock skis and have a p-tex candle ready when you get home.

I’d like to hook up with some of the other locals, but I might not able to keep up all day – recovering from knee surgery in May and only at 75%. Was playing D in hockey, got my skate jammed, and blew out my knee cap for the fourth time.

Hey, I appreciate all the great information. I’ll pitch in where I can, although being a finance guy, I don’t think I could ever be as technical as the instructors out there.

Until next time, pray for snow,

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Hi all--I just wanted to wish a hearty welcome to all the new folks here. I discovered EpicSki just over a year ago. It was great then, the best site for skiers that I'd come across. And it's only gotten better. What makes it great, in addition to AC's passionate and diligent efforts, is the people who contribute and who make up the "communitity." So once again, welcome everyone, and thanks for coming!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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