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'14-15 WP / Steamboat 4X40 pass- How to execute this?

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With the Steamboat / Winter Park 4 X 40 going for $199 next year, its a pretty intriguing deal.  The issue is... how would you best execute such a deal.  I know it was briefly discussed during the infamous Intermediate New England skier going West thread... but I'm trying to figure out if its worth the hassle. There's probably more than a few Bears that could make use of this great deal, so maybe the locals and experts can plan this out.


In my specific case... we'd likely fly into Denver late on arrival, and fly out late on departure.  As best I can figure to make best use of time, we'd do Winter Park day 1, Steamboat 2 and 3, Winter Park day 4 - leaving early to ensure we'd get back for the flight out (by day 4 we're pretty beat anyhow, so a 2pm quittin time is about good).


Assuming all is good with that plan of attack, and assuming its not possible to find a realistic midpoint between the two... where would be the best places to stay? My guess would be to stay somewhere between the airport and WP the first night...


For day 2 does it make sense to stay in WP and head out to Steamboat in the morning, or leave for Steamboat after skiing on day 1?


Ditto for day 3/4... stay in Steamboat and drive to WP in the morning, or head to WP.  I'm leaning towards staying in WP on the last night due to travel fatigue with the flight home.


Also where would be the best places to stay?  We're looking at a clean no frills place comparable to the Midvale / Sandy options in SLC that we're used to.  I'm guessing a lot of other Bears would be thinking the same... as that seems about the most popular ski trip on these boards. 


Maybe the recommendation is that its too much of a PITA anyways, which would be good to know too.  The thing is, we really like doing different resorts (hence going to SLC the last 4 out of 5 years), and are used to some amount of driving.  

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Sounds reasonable.  Just make sure to avoid traffic:  


- Plan around weekend ski traffic between Denver and Winter Park.


- if you stay in Denver when you arrive, consider staying on the west side of town to avoid weekday rush hour traffic (~7-9am) getting across Denver.  Search for hotels in Lakewood, Golden, and Denver West.  


- fly out late enough you avoid evening rush hour traffic (~4-6pm) getting to the airport across Denver . 


Hopefully others will chime in with places to stay... but I'd probably stay three nights in Steamboat to avoid moving all the time, taking the hit on the travel days.  WP is great for skiing out of your car.  You can park for free at the Mary Jane base right by the lifts.

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^^^^agreed on getting to west Denver day one and sleeping lower altitude. All of the standard hotel fare should be available in Golden. You might also stay in Idaho Springs if you want to get further up the road, although that gets more cockroachy.

I would head to Steamboat after day one in WP as well and ski WP from the Jane side on the final day like tball says. That way you never have to find lodging in WP. It's just day one from the airport and Steamboat for 3 nights.

The downside of course is over 3 hours of driving on the final day with skiing in the middle if that's a lot for your crew, but sure beats packing up and moving a bunch in my book and you should avoid any altitude sleeping issues if that is a concern. I'd say that's the best way to use the 4x4 flying in with your schedule.
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Are there any recommendation for good clean no-frills lodging in Steamboat other than the obvious choices from google/tripadvisor/etc?  

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