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Brahma or Magnum 8.5

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Considering going wider (currently have Volkl Code PSI) to deal with crud and occasional tree skiing.  I've heard good things about Blizzard and looking at the Brahma and Magnum 8.5.  I ski mostly groomers and the 8.5 sounds like the way to go, but looking to find out how the two really differ on the frontside.  

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I would recommend the 8.5.  Much more fun on the groomers, I like it better in bumps too, skis well in crud, and punchier in spring snow.  A much more active ski than the Brahma, has more energy, responds to pressure better, which is what you want for a technical frontside ski.   The Brahma holds up better when crushing crud at speed, but for what you describe, the 8.5ti is definitely the way to go.  It is versatile yet skis with energy. 

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you don't give many infos about yourself...


This is really a tough one; I really like both of them...


I ski the Brahma in 180 and the 8.5 in 181...I'm 210; 6 feet...


For the Brahma, I preferred the 187 for groomers but finished with the 180 because I like it more in bumps and trees and it don't loose a lot on groomers...


For the 8.5, up to 2013, it could come in 3 ways: with full suspension (Piston plate+ carbon arms: the M-Power); with the piston plate alone ( the one I ski right now) and flat...  For mostly groomers, I would go with the M-Power...The 2013 version is a real beauty...



I have the M-Power on their older version (8.7) and the full suspension really work, especially in crud!


So I would resume by saying that you should like any of these skis and to keep it simple: the Brahma is the more fun version; the 8.5 the more serious version but they don't have huge differences... For mostly groomed; I would also go more toward the 8.5

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Thanks guys, a little more about myself.  I'm 6'4" 220 lbs and ski the East.  What you said makes sense, so next combo would be the Magnum 8.5 vs the Volkl RTM 84.  I'm currently skiing the Volkl Code PSI, so curious how these would compare.  Thanks again.

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Don't know about the rtm84 but can compare with the rtm81... It has even more edge grip than the magnum 8.5... In fact, it has more edge grip than probably any other ski I tried... thanks to the on-piste full rocker and the "transmission sidewall"... They can also carve very well but you can feel that it is full rocker and I prefer skis with camber...(personnal taste)...

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