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Buying through Epic Ski?

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I want to buy Stumpy's Fistful of Moguls through Epic Ski (every little bit helps, right AC?). I click the link at the bottom and get sent to Just Push Play Videos. I click on the video to purchase it and get sent to a Yahoo store. I've got no problems with that but before I do it, I want to make sure that AC is actually getting some cash out of this. Does EpicSki still get credit after clicking through all those sites?
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Hi KevinH
If it works the way it is supposed to yes AC get's paid. When you click through, on their website there is a log that is generated that says who the refering URL was. In this case Epicski.com should be in the refer info. Then they track your movement through to a sale. Depending on the agreement setup by the companies involved they can pay for just having traffic driven to their site. then a different amount depending on how much was spent, and maybe even another amount if the specific advertised item was purchased.

This was the basic model for yahoo and many other sites that were making money on advertising for other companies and the reason so many dotcoms became dotbombs. a great deal of the companies depended on and were counting on x amount of income from these referals and some paid huge amounts of money to have "exclusive" rights to specific portals. when they didn't get the traffic expected, there were not enough sales and the resulting was a collapse of the income stream. Luckily AC is not a for profit business model but a labor of love so any traffic we can push through to the vendors is helpful but a lack of traffic will not kill the site.

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...exactly what dchan said!

If you access JustPushPlay from the a link in EpicSki, it tracks where your came from and EpicSki gets credit. In the case of videos, EpicSki gets 15%. Most other stuff, EpicSki gets 5 to 10%. There is no payment for click-throughs, just purchases.

All purchases through these links are much appreciated.

FYI -- REI will soon be added as an affiliate link.
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Thanks AC and dchan. I just started browsing through some of the sites listed here and see quite a few things I would be buying anyway. Great to know it helps.
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