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How To: Private Messages

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The most sophisticated new feature at EpicSki this year is the Private Messaging system. You can send anyone a private message by clicking on the "Send PM" icon above every post. You check your private messages by going to "My Profile" above. The purpose of the PM system is to allow private contact between members, without the disclosure of personal contact info.

You can also setup easily accessible "Buddy Lists" for those you PM often, or "Ignore Lists" to block receiving PM's from individual members.

You may be notified by e-mail when you have a PM if you wish (this is the default, set at "My Profile"). If you receive such an e-mail notice -- you CANNOT reply to the e-mail (it comes to me, not the intended recipient). You must reply via the website.

You may also completely turn PM off if you don't want PM's at all. If you receive a PM that you deem inappropriate, notify me immediately -- I have the ability to disable the PM functionality if anyone who abuses it (or do more if necessary).
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As great as this feature is, does the software have the ability to post an alert when someone sends you a PM? I know I get a message in my EMail but I'm not always connected to my email or if I'm at a public location I don't always even check my email other than Hotmail

Just a thought.
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An add-on hack may be possible, I'll look into it, but it won't be implemented right away (lot's on the to-do list!).
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Hey these PM's are great. Thanks a million for all this AC
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It would be nice to be able to send a private message from the "Who's online page."
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can you reply to a Private message?
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I agree PM from the who's on would be nice.
Yes you can reply but AIM is much more real time. Unless you are checking your profile or email often sometimes you don't realize someone sent you an email.
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There will be improvements to the PM system in future upgrades, but I'm not sure about the Who's Online PM deal -- I agree it would be nice, but I haven't seen that after-market modification at all yet. I'll see what's involved.

Perhaps more importantly, I'd like to see a way to see someone online, and connect with them real-time -- but like I've said elsewhere, there are some complicaions with that (keeping it simple and user-friendly). Nevertheless, I'm looking into it as well!

Sometimes new features that you never even considered before trigger ideas that suddenly seem important. But I'm commmitted to adding tools that will make this a stronger community. Not just the lip-service, buzz-word type of community of most web sites, but a true community. Stay tuned!
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Phil, you can reply to a private msg. When you are viewing the PM, there is a text link in the upper right above the message that says "Reply".
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All Right.. Go AC!!!

when you get a Private message you now get notified when you log on or if you are already on and click back to the main forum, a lightbulb appears with a notification that someone sent you a PM.

Thanks AC
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dcahn is right, when you receive a PM (one that is new since the last time you were in "My Profile") a notice that you really can't miss appears at the top of the forum home page. Since the messages are sent instantaneously, this allows you to communicate rea-time with those you see online -- as long as they return to the forum home page before leaving, they'll see they have a new mesg.

The notice dissapears once you go to My Profile to read it.
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