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Who's Online?

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AC, that's nice!
It has taken me by surprise today, but
it feels "homely" to know who's
on at the same time as you.
Next, what about teleconferencing?

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cool new feature AC...wonder how many lurkers we will see.
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Who's Online?

I've added a feature to let us see who else is here with us at any given time so that we can have a little more sense of community. If you click on "Currently In the Forum" on the forum's home page, you get a summary of who you might bump into in the hallway. Hope you like it.
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Great feature AC,

Now all the insomniacs can recognise each other

I take it that a guest is just an unregisted user.

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Right, guest = unregistered or not logged-in user.
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Kewl, AC, that's a feature I have been wishing for, as well as real-time chat. It's nice to have posts to read and peruse as well ( a more permanent record of our discussions) but a chat feature is neat.

I use AOL and MSN messenger services a lot, but have only chatted "real-time" with a few of you here. Enjoyed those conversations very much.

Of course chatting with any of you folks here would be best on a chairlift ride, eh?

Voice over IP would be really hot. I used to engage in political real time voice discussions on the now defunct FireTalk.

I love the changes, as always, this is the BEST skiing site on the net...

Thanks, much!

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Great feature [img]smile.gif[/img] Caught my eye the other night and i was wondering if it had always been there and i had just never seen it. Not as blind as i though eh
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At first I thought it a little spooky to note that someone can look to see where I am or what I'm currently doing when I'm logged on to EpicSki, but I'm getting used to it. And it is nice to see who else is around....

AC, quick question - what is an 'invisible' user?
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If you don't want people to be able to see you when you are in the forum, you can log-in as "invisible" and then nobody can see you (though you are still part of the total online count).

Just log-off, then log back on -- the new log-in form has an invisible mode option.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SnoKarver:
I use AOL and MSN messenger services a lot, but have only chatted "real-time" with a few of you here. Of course chatting with any of you folks here would be best on a chairlift ride, eh?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

With the Who's Online feature, it does make the possibility of real-time discussion a more interesting prospect. I am thinking about this, but have not yet found a solution that is easy to use, and would not complicate the site for those who would not use it (which I suspect would be the vast majority). Options include a chat feature and providing instant messager id's (aol, icq, yahoo). Chat would be interesting, but right now there is no application developed that would (1) use the same username you have in the forum in a private chat room, and (2) allow you to "invite" another "currently in the forum" user. These are things I'm thinking about, but will not have a solution for soon.
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Very cool! Love the new feature AC!
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Good stuff AC. After getting a good look at all the new stuff including this one, you done a heluva job. Agree with the stuff you abandoned and brought back too.
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AC Looking good, as always !

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this is pretty cool but what happens if you open 2 browsers to epicski?

I tried. only captures one of the logins and I suspect what ever the most recent one is. Also are you invisible from the forum when you are browsing in "my profile"? Just curious.
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interesting.. the system always seems to show where you are looking, no duplicates. Also if you are logged in you can't log in again as someone else. For those of you that have 2 people in the same place using the same computer, you have to log off to let the other person log in. Problem? I don't think so. just fascinating.
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...and why, exctly, I'm wonderin' would someone log in with two browsers at the same time? :
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besides the fact that if you use the buttons on the right side of the screen of the super home they open new browsers but if you click on the left side of the super home they take you there without opening a new brouwer?

[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AC:
...and why, exctly, I'm wonderin' would someone log in with two browsers at the same time? :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

because I can?
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I think your spending too much time figuring all this stuff out -- no, wait, I forgot that I'm talking with someone who has over 2,300 posts!!!
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Now people REALLY know what an insomniac I am!!!!

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Hey AC,

I hope ski season starts soon so dchan will get out of the house more often.
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Just to let you guys know, my last comment wasn't exactly fair (actually just a joke), dchan was helping me out pre-launch by giving me feedback on the design. I figured, no one else would know what would work and what would not work in this forum better than Mr. 2k himself!

Lisamarie, no kidding! I typically do my new software upgrades late at night since I often have to figure things out by trial and error and don't want everyone to see the board going haywire -- and when I plugged in the Who's Online feature, there you were! It was like midnight my time in CA, and you're on the East coast!!
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2300 posts?!
(rats. i'll NEVER catch him. . )
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tell you what, the clubhouse be empty on Sunday mornings!
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Sat. and sunday are by far the slowest days. Monday is usually the biggest, but weekdays during business hours are the peak times. While sitting at work is when we need a ski fix the most!
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Hi AC--another great feature! This site has often been compared--favorably--with the old CompuServe Skiing forum where a lot of us used to hang out (and where our own Todd Murchison was an esteemed forum administrator/moderator). CompuServe, as you know, had a similar feature. You could see who else was there, and you could invite anyone to a personal, live chat. You could also host live online group discussions.

The personal chat was a fun feature, but I didn't use it very often. More often than not someone would invite me to chat and what ensued was very trivial--and time consuming! "Hi how are you?" "I am fine, thanks. How are you and where do you live?" I live in Peoria. Where do you live?" I'm in Summit County Colorado. Was there anything in particular you wanted to talk about?" "No. What do you do?......" ad nauseum

Sometimes it was very useful, though. Setting up real-life meetings, clarifying a question or response, getting to know someone better--the personal one-on-one is a great format for that.

We also had scheduled live discussions, usually about some pre-announced particular topic. Those could get interesting, and a "log" feature allowed the discussions to preserved in the archives.

But overall, I think that the regular discussion format that we've had here all along is by far the most important. The ability to reply on MY time, rather than "real" time, and to think out questions and answers with a little more depth makes these the most useful, fruitful discussions in the long run. And it doesn't matter how fast you type! The other stuff is fun, but not terribly important, IMHO. Add it if you can, but I won't lose sleep in the meantime....

Thanks for all your hard work!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Chat is one of several features I am researching and will likely install.

The next upgrade will be late December/early January. Chat will not be in that initial upgrade, but I'll look into installing it shortly thereafter (if I believe the chat add-on works well on the experimental development site I use to make sure things function properly before bringing them over here to the prime-time show).

Stay tuned, more functionality to come! (though I'm being careful not to clutter the forum and make it confusing and hard to figure out for new users -- it's a fine line)
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