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Since indemnification was brought up in another topic, I thought this list might be helpful. Unfortunately, the list is for last year, but I haven't seen the new list yet. (I think I found it in the past at the Peter Keelty site, but he's in the process of revising it.)

(603) 880-6143 • FAX: (603) 880-6099

2000/2001: RaceRace 614, RaceRace 412, RaceRace 310, Race 614, Xentrix 614, Xentrix 412, Xentrix 310, Xentrix 311, Xentrix 614 EX, Centro 4.12, Centro 3.10

Prior to 2000: Sport 4.12, Sport 4.12 TR or CXB, Sport 2.9, Sport 2.9 TR or CXB, EM 310, EM 310 P, EM 412, EM 412P, EM 614, EM 614 P, Esstatix 2.9, Esstativ 4.12, Ess 310 FB, Ess 309, Ess 512, Ess 614, Ess 614 P

(800) 992-3962 • FAX: (802) 764-6487

Pivot/Turn Table: Z Race, P9.0 Maxflex, P9.0 Maxplate, P9.0 Race, P8.0 Maxplate, P8.0, P7.5 Maxplate, P7.0 Maxplate, P7.0, P7.0 Venus, ZR R, P9.0L, P8.0L, P7.0L, P7.0L Venus, P Sport L, TT9.0 Maxflex, TT9.0 RL, TT9.0, TT8.0, RL, TT9 RL, TT C-Tech, TT9, TT09, TT8, TT08, TT7, TT09, ZR, ZRC, ZP, XP, ZL, XF, XFL

Step-in: TX7.5 Maxplate, TX7.0, TX7.0 L Venus, TX7.0L, TX Sport L, TX Sport Venus L, TX8.0 Maxflex, TX8.0 RL, TX7.5 RL, TX Sport Maxflex, TX 7.0, TX Sport RL, TX Sport RL Anthea, TX8 Maxflex, TX C-Tech, TX8, TX7 Maxflex, TX7, TC9, TC09, TC8, TC08, TC7, TC07, TC06, Z-Racing, Z-Race, Z-Forza, Z-Sport, GX/Forza, GX3, XR8.0 Maxplate, XR8.0, XR8.0 Venus, XR6.0, XR6.0 Venus, XR8.0L Full Drive, XR6.0, XR6.0 Venus, XR7.0, XR6.0 Anthea, XR 7, XR08, XT7P, XT07, XT7, XT06, XR6, L60, L50, L30, L45, X9, X7, X5, XP05, XT06, XT05, XP03

Junior: P9.0 Jr., XJ9.0, LJ4.5, P9.0 Jr., XJ7.0 Jr., LJ4.5 Jr., TT9.0 Jr., XR9.0 Jr., XJ5.5 Jr., XJ4.5 Jr., TT9 Jr., XJ3 Kid, XP03, XJ09, XJ5, XJ05, XJ3, XJ03, XR9 Jr., L Racing Jr., L30 Jr., L 20 Kids, ZR Jr., XJ05, XJ03

Rental: P8.0 Demo, TX7.5 Demo, XR8.0 Quickset, XR6.0 Quickset, LJ4.5 Quickset, P8.0 Speedset, TX8.0 Speedset, TX7.0 Speedset, TX8.0 RL, TX7.0 RL, XJ4.5 RL, TX8.0 SI Demo, TX7.0 SI Demo, TX8 D&P, TX8 Demo, TX7 Demo, TC08 Demo, Integral 2, L-60 Rtl, L-45 Rtl, L-30 Rtl, L-30 Jr. Rtl

(800) 453-3862 • FAX: (801) 973-7241

2000/2001 Retail Binding Line: MRR Turbo SC Racing, M9.2 Turbo SC Racing, M9.2 Turbo SC Titanium, M8.2 SC Graphite, M7.2 SC, M6.2 SC, MRR EC14, M9.2 EC14/EPS Racing, M9.2 EC14 Titanium, M8.2 EC14 Graphite, M7.2 EC14/EPS, M6.2 EC14/EPS, M4.2 EC14/EPS, M3.1, M9.2 EC10 JR, M2.2 EC10/EPS, M1.2 EPS

2000/2001 Rental/Demo Binding Line: M9.2 SP Demo, M8.2 SP Graphite Demo, M7.2 SP Demo, M5.2 SP Demo, M7.2 EC RTL, M5.2 EPS RTL, M2.2 EPS RTL, M1.2 EPS RTL

Non-Current Retail Bindings: MRR Turbo SC Titanium, M9.1 Turbo SC Racing, M9.1 Turbo SC Titanium, M8.1 SC, M8.1 SC XLi, M7.1 SC, MRR EPS/EPS3 Racing, MRR EPS/EPS3 Titanium, M9.1 EPS/EPS3 Racing, M9.1 EPS/EPS3 Titanium, M8.1 EPS/EPS3 Graphite, M8.1 EPS/EPS3, M8.1 EPS XLi, M7.1 EPS/EPS3, M6.1 EPS/EPS3, M5.1 EPS/EPS3, M4.1, M9.1J Racing EPS, M3.1J Carving EPS, M2.1, M1.1, M9, M1 SC/Turbo SC Racing, M1 SC/Turbo SC Titanium, M51 SC/Turbo SC Racing, M51 SC/Turbo SC Titanium, M51 SC Demonstrator,
M41 SC/SC2/XLi, M31 SC/SC2/SC XLi, M29V SC/SC2, MRR Racing /EPS/EPS2, MRR Titanium /EPS/EPS2, M51 Racing /EPS/EPS2, M51 Titanium /EPS/EPS2, M51 Graphite/EPS/EPS2/95mm/110mm, M51 /EPS/ EPS2, M41/EPS/ EPS2/XLi/95mm, M31 /EPS/ EPS2, M29V EPS/EPS2, M28V /EPS/EPS2, M27V EPS/EPS2, M19 Racing /EPS/EPS2, M19V, M48 Racing, M48 Titanium, M48, M38, M38L, M28, M18 Racing, MRR Twincam, MR Twincam, MJR Twincam, M46R, M46, M37, M36, M36L, M27, M26, M26L, M19, M18, M16, M8, M6

Non-Current Rental/Demo Bindings: M9.1 Turbo SC Titanium RTL, M8.1 SC RTL, M9.1 Titanium EPS RTL/Demo, M8.1 Graphite EPS RTL/Demo, M8.1 EPS RTL/Demo, M7.1 EPS RTL/Demo, M5.1 EPS RTL/Demo, M19V RTL, M51 SC/Turbo SC Racing RTL/Demo, M51 SC/Turbo SC Titanium RTL/Demo, M41 SC2 RTL, M41 SC Demo, M51 Racing /EPS/ RTL/Demo, M51 Graphite/EPS/RTL/Demo/95mm/110mm, M51 Titanium /EPS/RTL/Demo, M41/EPS/XLi RTL/Demo/95mm, M31 EPS RTL/Demo, M29V FasTrak RTL/Demo, M1 SC Racing Demo, M1SC Titanium Demo, M48 Racing RTL/Demo, M48 Titanium RTL/Demo, M48 RTL/Demo, M38 RTL/Demo, M28 RTL,M46R RTL/Demo, M46 RTL/Demo, M36 RTL/Demo, M27 RTL, M26 RTL, M19 Demo, M18 Demo, M16 Demo

(802) 863-2511 • FAX: (802) 658-1843

The Rossignol Indemnification program applies only to Rossignol alpine ski bindings. There is no longer any indemnification program for Geze alpine ski bindings. Only bindings distributed by Rossignol Ski Company and Skis Rossignol Canada qualify for Indemnification.

Axial 140 Carve, Axial 140 T-Plate, Axial 140 T-Plate Freeride, Axial 140 Race Carve, Axial 140 Race, Axial 140 Race Pro, Axial 120 T-Plate, Axial 120 Pro, Axial 120 Pro Wide, Axial 120 Carve SS, Axial 120 SS, Axial 110 T-Plate, Axial 110 Carve, Axial 110 Pro, Axial 100 T-Plate, Axial 100 T-Plate Freeride, Axial 100 SS, FKX Pro, FKX Composite, FKX Classic, FKX Pro R Flex, FTX 120 R Flex, FT 100 R Flex, FKS Course, FKS Composite, FKS, FKJ Course, FS

FTX 120 Pro, FTX 105 Carve, FTX 105 Pro, FDX 100 Pro, FDX 95, FTX Carbon, FTX 120 X-Plate, FTX 105 X-Plate, FTX 105 X-Plate Freeride, FTX Saphir, FTX 120, FTX 110, FTX 110 Wide, FT CUT, FTX 105, FT 100 CUT, FT 100, FT120, FT120 CUT PL, FT110, FT110 CUT, FT100, FT100 CUT PL, FJ, FTX 120 SS, FTX 105 SS, FD 75 SS, FT120 Demo SS

FT100 Demo SS, FD70 Demo SS, FD 80, FD 70, FD 70 PL, FD 60, FD 80 PL, FD 80 RTL, FDX 75 RTL, FD 80 CUT, FDX 100 X-Plate, FDX 95 Free, FDX Saphir, FD 60, FD 65 CUT, FD 65, FD 8, FD 7, FD 6, FD 8 PL, FD RTL, FD 6 RTL, FKJ Pro, FDJ Pro, FDJ, FDJ Course, FDJ RT, FDJ Comp, Axial 100 Race Jr., Equip Race Jr., Equip J, Comp J, FPs Course, FPs Composite, FPs, FPs Li, FPs Course PL, FPs Composite PL, FPs Li PL, FPS Test, FTX 120 SS, FTX 105 SS, FDX 100 SS, Comp J SS

(800) 225-6850 • FAX: (503) 548-7002

2000/2001 Retail Binding Line: S912 Ti Pe, S914 Pe, S912 Pe, S914 Axe Plus, S914 FIS, S912 Ti, S912 Ps, S810 Ps, S810 Axe Plus, S711 Ps, S710 Axe Plus, C509, S910 T Axe Plus, S708 T Axe Plus, C407 Grom, C305 Grom

2000/2001 Rental Binding Line: S912 Ti Pe Demo, S912 Ti SC, S810 SC, S711 SC, C509 SC, S305 Grom SC, S912 Ti SR, S810 SR, S711 SR, C509 SR, C708 T SR, C407 Grom SR, C305 Grom SR

Non-current Retail Binding Line: SP900 Equipe, SP900 Equipe Alium, SP900 Alium, SP850, SP800, S900 Equipe Drive Plus, S900 Equipe Alium Extreme Carve, S900 Equipe Alium, S900 Carbon Axe Plus, S900 Carbon, S900, S900 Equipe Race, S900 Equipe Alium Drive Plus, S900 Equipe, S900 Carbon Drive Plus, S900 Alium, S900 Equipe Team Race, S900 Equipe Team, S900 Equipe Team Drive Plus, Driver Suspension 997 Equipe, Suspension DR9 Equipe, Driver Suspension 997 Carbon, Suspension DR9 EXP, Driver 997 Equipe, 997 Equipe, 997 Carbon, 997 EXP, 997 Composite, 977 Equipe, 977 Composite, 977 EXP, Driver 997 Carbon, 977 Force, 977 Team, 977, 957 Race, 957 Equipe, 957 Composite

S850 X Mountain, S850 Carve w/ Ramp Plus, S850, S850 Carve, S850 Alium X Mountain, S800 Drive Plus, S800 Alium, S800, Driver Suspension 897, Driver Suspension 897 Composite, 897 Equipe, Driver 897 Composite, 877 Equipe, 877, 857, 857 Lady, Quadrax 8 Carbon, Quadrax 8, Quadrax 800 Carbon, Quadrax 800, S700, S700 Team, 797 Composite, Driver 797 Composite, 797, 77, 777 Lady, 757, 757 Lady, 747 Equipe, 747, 747 Magnesium, Quadrax 7, Quadrax 700

Quadrax 600, 677, 657, 647, 647 Lady, Quadrax 6, Quadrax 600, Quadrax 6 Lady, Q500, 577, 557, 557 Sport, 557 Lite, 547, 547 Sport, Quadrax 5, Quadrax 5.5, Quadrax 400, 457, 447

Driver 197 Equipe junior, 197 Equipe Junior, 177 Equipe Junior, 177, 157 Equipe, 157 Junior, 147 Equipe, 147, 137*, 127 Mini*

57 Team, 57 Junior, 57 Mini, Team Junior, Force Junior, Force, Team, Quadrax Team, S300, Quadrax 300, Quadrax 3, Quadrax 3 Mini, 347

Non-current Rental Binding Line: SP900 Equipe Test, SP850 Test, S900 Equipe SC Drive Plus, S850 SC Drive Plus, S700 SC Drive Plus, S300 SC, Q500 SC Drive Plus, Q300 SC, S900 Equipe SR Drive Plus, S850 SR Drive Plus, S700 SR, Q500 SR, S700 Team SR, Q400 SR, Q300 SR

S900 Equipe SC, S900 Equipe SR, Driver Suspension 997 Equipe SR, Driver 997 Equipe SC, Driver 997 Equipe SR, 997 Equipe SC, 997 Equipe SR, 977 Equipe Demo, 977 Demo, 957 Equipe Demo, S850 SC

S800 SR, 877 SC, 857 Demo, 857 RR, Driver 797 SC, 797 SC, 777 SR, 757 RR, 747 RR, 747 LR, Q700 SC, Quadrax 7 SC, Quadrax 7 SR, 647 RR, Quadrax 6 SC, Quadrax 5 RR, Quadrax 5 SR, Q5 SR, 477 RR, 477 LR, 457 LR, 447 RR, 447 LR, 357 RR, 177 Team SR, 177 RR, 157 RR, 147 RR/ RR1, 127 Mini*, Force SR, 57 Junior RR, 57 RR, 57 Mini, Quadrax 3 SC, Quadrax 3, Quadrax 3 RR, Quadrax 3 SR, Q3 SC, Q3 SR

*1998 and newer versions of S127 Mini (both retail and rental) and S137 models are indemnified. These products are identified by white toe and heel housings with white toe wings and white heel cups. All older models of S127 and S137 bindings are not indemnified. The older models are identified by red and/ or orange toe and heel housings.

(800) 874-3235 • FAX: (978) 463-5431

Line 2000/01: Free Flex Plus 10, Free Flex Plus 8, Power Select Freeride 9, Power Select Freeride 8, Power Select Freeride SL 110, Cyber Carbon D 9, Cyber D 8, Cyber SL 110, SL 110 Carve ABS, SL 100 Carve ABS, SL 100 Carve, TD 8 TS, SL 100 ABS, SL 100, SL 110 ABS, SL 70 Carve ABS, SL 70 ABS, SL 70, SL 45, SL 70 Carve ABS, SL 70 ABS, SL 70, SL 45

Line 1999/2000: Free Flex Plus 10, Free Flex Plus 8, Power Select Freeride 9, Power Select Freeride 8, Power Select Freeride 7, Cyber Carbon D 9, Cyber D 8, Cyber 7, SL 100 Carve ABS, SL 110 Carve ABS, SL 100 ABS, SL 100, SL 100 ABS TS, TD 8 TS, T 4, T 2

Line 1999/98/97: Power Select 9, Power Select 8, Power Select 8 Rent, Free Flex 9 World Cup, Free Flex 8 Racing, Cyber Carbon D 9, Cyber D 8, Cyber 7, Cyber 6, Carve Flex 6, Carve Flex 4, TD 8, TD 8 TS, T7, T6, T5, T4, T2, TD 9 T

Power Series: Power 9 Racing, Power 9 Mogul, Power 9, Power 8, Cyber FF

Cruise Series: Cruise 9 Racing, Cruise 9 Mogul, Cruise 8, Cruise 6

Spirit Series: Spirit 9 Racing, Spirit 9, Spirit 8, Spirit 7, Spirit 6, Spirit 3, Spirit 2

500 Series: 520, 530 J, 590 RDJ, 540 C, 550 D, 560 DC, 570 DRF, 580 DD, 590 DD, 590 RDD, RFF, PFF, SFF, AFF, EFF

600 Series: 620 D, 630 D, 650 D, 660 D, 670 DD, 670 DP, 680 DD, 680 DP, 690 DD, 690 RDD, 690 DP, 690 PalDP, 690 DPM, 690 RDP

700 Series: 740 FF, 750 FF, 760 FF, 770 FF, 780 FF, 790 FF, 790 JFF, 790 PP, 790 RFF, 790 RPP, 790 MPP, 790 PalPP

Rental: (Delrin lugs only) 520 R, 530 JR, 540 CR, 550 DPRo, 590 DD Pro, 590 Test, 620 DR, 630 DR, 650 DR, 650 DRL Pro, 650 DSR, 650 DS Pro, 680 DS Pro, 690 Pal Pro, 780 FF Pro, 790 DS Pro, 790 RFF Pro, SYMPRO 9, SYMRENT 6, SYMRENT 3, SYMRENT 2, SYMRENT 2 SL, SYMPRO 8 ABS, SYMPRO 8, SYMPRO 4, SYMRENT 7, SYMRENT DEMO, SYMRENT 4, SYMPRO 9 ABS, SYMPRO 9 ABS PROMO, POWER SELECT 8 RENT DEMO.