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Including Photos in Posts / Profile

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Putting Photos In your Posts or Profile

Step 1. Capture the image electronically either by…

Digital Camera, Scanner or Movie Camera Digital Capture


Bringing your pictures to a place that can make a digital copy of it (such as Kinkos or other copy shops – ask for the image to be in a .JPG format).


Take your regular film to a company that will develop it into a digital format (such as Kodak PhotoNet (www.kodak.com/go/ebay2) -- ask for .JPG format

Step 2. Put the image on the Web

Once you have an electronic file containing your item, you need to upload the image to the Web.

1. If you have "dedicated" space on the Web...
Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide space where customers can post their own files. Check with your ISP, and ask them how to transfer your file to this space.

2. If you use AOL...
Simply go to the keyword MyPlace, and set up your own Web space. Just follow AOL's step-by-step instructions to upload your image. Read more about loading images on AOL.

3. If you don't have space on the Web (or don't think you do)...
Several places on the Web will help you transfer your image from your desktop to the Web—without having to get server space or use FTP. There is a charge for these uploading and "hosting" services, which can range from about 50 cents to 2 dollars (U.S.) for each picture. Charges depend on the image size and the length of time the service will host the photo. Some long-time eBay community members provide image services and helpful information. You can contact:
o Pongo (www.pongo.com/)
o Twaze (www.twaze.com/)
o PixHost (www.pixhost.com/)
o Sunweaver (Information on AOL pic hosting) (www.sunweaving.com/help/en/aolmyplace.html)

Step 4. Link to the image's URL (web address) in the post/profile (link to the IMAGE's URL, not to the URL of a web page displaying the image -- the image URL ends in "jpg" while a webpage url ends in "htm")
Once your image is on the Web, you simply type:


before the URL (or web address) of the picture, then type the URL itself (including http:// with NO spaces at all), then type


after the URL.

The easy way to do this is click on the "Image" Icon under the form where you type your post (near the smiley faces) and type the URL/web address of hte picture in the box that appears.

That’s it!
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Hey all, another great way of getting your photos digitized and on the web is to use snapfish.com. I don't work for the company nor do I have any vested interest in it but my wife has been using it for about 2 years and it works great.

You simply send them your negatives from your standard film. They develop them AND put them on a website. If you view them on the web (and, hence, view their ads), they send you your photos and negatives for free. If no one views them, you pay standard developing costs.

It also includes an "address book" so you can have an email automatically sent to friends and relatives so they can look at your online photos.

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