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Hey AC
Could you take a moment and explain the use of the "Log in/Log out". I forgot to log off yesterday and found that I was still logged on today which raises the question of "Why log out?" Sometimes I just don't get it.
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Don't know about you but those lightbulb icons and file folders don't turn off unless I log out and back in later. It might have to do with some other settings but I would have to wonder why there is no "time out" if it's a security issue.
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I think logging out is used if two people on the same computer are using the message board but with two different user names.
For example, if a husband and wife both post on the board, the husband would need to log his wife off before logging himself in so that his posts carry his name and not hers.

Just a thought.
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If the logging function is like other systems that I'm aware of, then Kevin has it right. If you are the only user on your computer, you can stay logged in. However, if someone else gets on your computer, they can make posts, change your profile, etc. as you! So, if you post to this site from a public computer, such as at your local library, or at work (where your computer may be "yours", but it really isn't), then you need to remember to log out before you leave this site.
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Kevin & Tag win the prize.

No need to log out if you are the only one using your computer. The lightbulbs (indicating new posts) should reset themselves after you've been away (no page loads) for a long period of time (though the lightbulbs have always been finicky and sometimes do what they feel like instead of what they're told).
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