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Hey guys..................well I am not really much of a skier, but have read with interest your threads on knee injury and repair.  Well I was working my dogs on an upland hunt, slipped on some mud........and down I went, rupturing the quad tendon.  I am about 9 weeks out of surgery and my OS wants to put me in for a MUA to increase ROM.  In reading the posts.........this does not look like something I either want to do, or should do.  Just as many complications and risks as benefits.  My PT guy is killing me twice a week, I am about 90 degrees ROM, and after a PT session, I am a cripple for a day or so, and after three days, feel pretty good, only to go back to the PT guy.  My PT appts. are painful beyond belief, and this being my first time for any type of knee injury, I thought I could get some info here.  Is PT supposed to be that painful, should I be so sore after an appointment, does anyone have any experience in going through MUA, and what is that road like.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.