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What Do You Think of the Site Upgrade?

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After you get a chance to play around with the new site features, let me know what you think (either post your thoughts here, or hit the "Send PM" icon above this post).

Here are a few highlights:
<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Private Messaging -- You can send private messages to any other member (except for those who turn the feature off). You can set your profile to be notified by e-mail when you receive a private message. No personal contact info is revealed AT ALL when you use this feature.
<LI>Member Ratings -- You can rate members on the quality of their input. ONLY members with a four or five star rating will have their ratings displayed. You can also choose to turn this feature off for yourself.
<LI>Expanded Member Profiles -- New expanded profiles (but some data was lost in the transfer so PLEASE go to "My Profile" in the upper right corner to update your profile and see what is new there.[/list]
...plus there are lots of new little things that you'll notice.

Also be aware the site has actually changed location, so if you bookmark the forum you will need to change the address (if you come in from the EpicSki homepage, then you do not need to do anything)

I have more upgrades in the works for the near future.
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Spiffing - (Really like it).
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I'll get used to it real fast AC! Looks good. Thanks!--I'd been starting to notice some features on some other newer forums that looked good--once again, you've surpassed everything!

[img]redface.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] : : :

Uh oh--maybe a little TOO easy! What? It limits me to only eight smilies per post?


Sorry--carried away.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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This is fantastic. It even smells new too.
No wait, thats my new carpet...
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Hey this is great! Ohhh just saw the instant UBB Code..thats really cool! just one question though....with everyone back to double diamond members, does this just mean that everyone will work their way back up to higher 'ranks' again??
keep it cool
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oh, im so confused....Ill figure it out though...
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It will take a little getting used to but I like most of the new features.

I may have to turn up the brightness on my monitor though. the light blue . Hey AC is there a way to change the colors of the page to get a little more contrast? or can you put the seperator lines back in? Just a thought.
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whats with the "rate member" thingy? when would you "rate" a member?
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The other thing I miss is the different color light bulbs on the left that tell you if a new post has been logged. Now I have to read the time stamp on the little fine print on the right. Hmmmm.
Oh well..

Playing around more. It looks like the light bulb is supposed to turn off but it's not working. I wonder if you have to log off and back on.
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dchan....on mine there are still different coloured bulbs (yellow for new posts) to represent new or old posts on a particular topic, and then when you go into the topic there are different coloured folders to show new posts. This isn't happning on yours?
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I like the new features, AC. I'm on a dial-up system with relatively old rural phone lines, so the newer system takes even longer to load every page than the older one did.
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Ah, Now it works but only after a log out and back in...
This could be my IE Setting and OS. I'll play more later. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>By Linda,
whats with the "rate member" thingy? when would you "rate" a member? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Under the new rules of Epicksi you have to perform certain basic skiing movements and then have a PSIA instructor (or a PMTS) rate your performance. (People like Bob Barnes and Pierre are self certified)

This is then displayed on the site so that other members know if they are communicating with a begineer or expert etc.

PS Should you be injured or currently without snow another performance test will be conducted (whereby the applicant can sing a song or tell a joke etc)
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Member Levels -- Right now there are two levels that break at 50 posts "Diamond Member" and "Double Diamond Member". The old level ratings were to give a sense of who was the most experiences (wisest), but it was always a bad proxy. Now with member ratings, the emphasis shifts from quantity to quality. Let me know if you don't like this.

Member Ratings -- Rate members 1 through 5 (5 is highest) on the quality of their contributions. Only those with 4 or 5 star ratings have their ratings displayed. Also, you can turn yours off and not be rated if you wish. The ratings system is "smart" in that those with high ratings are given more weight when rating others.

Dchan, the yellow folders indicate "new since your last visit" (as opposed to white folders). Also, On the screens I've been using, the contrast between the light blue and white has been strong -- I'll experiment around on other monitors; I'm trying to maximize contrast of the typed letters against the background. I can, however, change the color/darkness and will play with it.
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Very nice AC, thanks for all the work!

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Got it AC, for some reason just clicking on the forums banner does not refresh the icons yellow to white. but if I log out and back in it does work. Also I noticed that the "password manager" doesn't work any more. better security? but a few more keystrokes. I can live with that..

Oh yeah, check the contrast on a LCD panel or laptop. 3 of the 5 computers I use on an ongoing basis are LCD monitors. It may be me too because I like my monitor turned down quite a bit. A lot of my friends complain that I don't have my screen bright enough.
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Hey dchan, your friends are right. Turn it up dude
I work in graphics so my monitor is properly calibrated and everything looks just dandy.
I've always liked this really subtle colour scheme. A far cry from the mess they call powdermag...
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Color calibrated or temp calibrated? All my tube displays are temp calibrated and not over driven. LCD's however do not have a very good temp calibration and unfortunatly older LCD's don't have the dynamic range of the newer models. Since I'm not at a CRT type monitor at work I'll have to live with it. Actually turning up the LCD Brightness makes the thin blue/gray seperator line between the body of messages and the posts-location-IP line disappear.
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I am experiencing what George Carlin coined "Vu Ja de", similar to Deja Vu, just that you know you have been somewhere before but nothing looks familiar.
Hope I didn't lose all my accumulated posts...I was saving up credits toward another copy of Bob's book!!
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Nice upgrade AC. Thought I was on TGR for a moment though, you two been talkin? I especially like the fact that multipage topics allow for going directly to the last page.
Ya done good.
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Todd Murchison, thanks for the picture-made my day.
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Easy to nav. with cool features. Will update URL on my ski site. Good job!
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AC, I think it looks great. More things to play with. Hope I don't get fired.
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Very Cool! :
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Way cool features. It will make life much easier for the HTML challenged.

As a side note, this forum passed the 50,000 post mark. Considering the size of many of the posts that's a lot of writing. I'm not sure if I should be congradulating AC on what he built or telling some of my fellow members to get a life.

PS - AC, when are you going to add a spelling checker for us phonically challenged members?
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Looks Great! I've always liked the user interface and readability of the posts on this site versus others. I like knowing where someone is from when they post without having to open their profile. The downside is it may be slower, than before, but it may be worth it. Either that, or it's a low-bandwidth morning.
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cool, love the new site...although its going to take me a while to work it all out ...now how am I ever going to get any work done !
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DangerousBrian says:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> PS Should you be injured or currently without snow another performance test will be conducted (whereby the applicant can sing a song or tell a joke etc)

well, DB, Its still freakin' 70 degrees here, so I am without snow.....soooo....
"This peice of string walks into a bar and....."

(once I can figure out how to attach an audio file Ill sing for you too. but listen at your own risk...Celine Dion I am not.)
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Terrific upgrade!! Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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OK... looks good need more smileys
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