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Argentina Summer of 2015

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I am thinking of a trip to Argentina in the summer of 2015. Any suggestions for travel packages, tour groups or any other info would be greatly appreciated. Also, it's a long shot, but I am thinking about working the season as an instructor. I am PSIA Certified Level 3 and have done some high school coaching. Any ideas?

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Spanish lessons?
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Have you been ther, and Yes I am trying to learn spanish

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No I haven't. I do know that Spanish is essential from those I've spoken with who teach there. PM Jim. He works there in the summer.
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Any of these people still teaching there

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I've not actually worked in Argentina, but I did arrange a job in Bariloche once, ending up moving to Chile as a volcano erupted on Bariloche.


The economic situation in Argentina isn't great at the moment, so I wouldn't think you would be able to save much money working, but I am sure you could cover your costs once you were there. How I found my job was just emailing all the ski schools in Bariloche, I eventually found a job with a a school called 'escuela extreme'.  The visa is a little tricky to get, but a lot of people definitely don't bother with it. 


I think Las Lenas has better skiing than Bariloche, but the city in Bariloche is fantastic. Not sure how easy getting jobs in LL is, but it shouldn't be hard with spanish and L3. 


Another thing to think about is that the Interski instructor congress is on in Argentina in 2015, right down in Ushuaia, the resort there is called Cerro Castor. Apparently it's an awesome experience, even if you are not on a team.

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