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Let's hear it for AC . The Epic Ski website is even better now !

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Well done AC !
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would never hesitate to second that. you do a helluva job and provide a great service, AC. i'm sure this could turn into a lovefest, but this site is a part of my day. even with all the flame and barbs and pissing contests, we've seen lately there's something else to it, even if its just cybersh#t. it is truly a great forum for alike and dissimilar people who share the common love of skiing. plus some.
Hip Hip...

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And find someone else to cover while you are on vacation this year...I am still paying therapy bills from last year.
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And if you want to help AC keep this service going, buy something through the "Ski Shop" link at the top of the page or ask him through the "contact us" link where you can send him a donation.
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Hey Kneale,

I checked it out but a lot of the good stuff is already sold out, so I will have to be patient until the new goods arrive.
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I think Kneale's (curious about the name) on the right track. AC's made the site even better and I'm sure he's still running the site with only a little help. He never even let on until he was asked about it, http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000645.html I'm not sure how to, at least, let all the members know but I'm sure there are some folks who would like to contribute to keeping this site going. It's still the best ski site on the web. Thanks again AC. Maybe this message needs it's own thread. I know he'd never do it. Has this been discussed lately? I've been away.
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Bob T--

I agree with you--this message probably deserves its own thread. AC has selflessly devoted his time, effort, expertise, goodwill, and considerable financial commitment to this outstanding web site. AC has never asked anyone for a financial donation, so we should start another fund drive. I have no idea how much was contributed to the cause last fall, but I'm sure every bit is welcome and appreciated.

How 'bout it, AC? Where do we send the money? Is the address still the same?:

August *******
P.O. Box 8088
Tahoe City, CA 96145

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks guys, the address is the same (or paypal.com to august@epicski.com).

I'm getting some more affiliates online (such as Patagonia) and am hoping that will cover some of the costs. Donations are always appreciated.
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I know you don't run this site as a business but I think you should be able to cover more of your costs.

Are you actively looking for more advertisers? If so can us bears help you in any way?

If I am referred from Epicski to a ski shop, boot fitter etc then I will let them know about Epic so they have the chance to repay the referral - some may even wish to advertise here.

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There are two ways to help cover the operating costs of the site:

Ski Shop Purchases


Direct Donations

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DB - I just have to ask.

Is your handle related to the fact you are posting from the S & M Club, in Vienna???
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OK I will admit that I am into S&M in a big way, what is wrong with that?

Loads of people do it and you wouldn't believe how much money we spend on 'gear'. Yes and many do it in groups, I even do it with neighbours and people from work.

Some people say we are fanatical, but it's a free world we get a lot of fun out of it so I don't see the problem.


PS S&M is short for Skiing and Mountain biking.
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I knew that.

What else would it stand for???
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