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ETU knee report

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Definitely can't wait for the next ETU! I'm now about two months post-op on my ACL rebuild, and my doc has finally let me bike again. I'm just using my mountain bike, no clips, on level ground, but I did 11 mi. yesterday, and no longer feel like an invalid. I'm not ready for skiing yet, but I will he by December. I hope Eric Schlopy feels as good. And we're thinking about a season rental in Vt. for the coming winter. Any ideas? And thanks for all the encouragement.
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Happy recovering, oldnslo!

Seasonal rental near Stowe? Hmmmmm.....got dough?
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Best wishes to you olnslo! Be sure to get on a good post rehab program. Check the Health and Fitness Section. There are a bunch of ACL threads with some ideas. I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes to next year's ETU! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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