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I hope not as well, since you want a faster card with lots off space for video.

Maybe just a different brand? I was pretty upset that TWO cards wouldn't work, but maybe they were the same manufacturing batch. By the time I discovered that the camera was fine on a different card, it had been months and months since I bought them. Sitting in my desk for some future use.
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Originally Posted by Michael Blue View Post

Testing the Class 4 4GB that came with the Contour now. After a format, so far, no issues. I'll keep testing.

Are we thinking the Roam2 has an issue with larger capacity cards?
That's really unfortunate if so...

I put a bigger card in my Roam2. 16 or 32 GB, don't remember which. It works fine as long as I use the Contour's built in format option any time I delete files from it. The only issue I have is that sometimes when I turn it on it will beep repeatedly, and when that happens it automatically turns off shortly after, but that's easy to get around -- if it's beeping repeatedly, just turn it off, wait a few seconds, and turn it on again. Any time it's not beeping repeatedly, the video comes out fine. I used to have issues with files being corrupted but only if I deleted files from the card through a computer and did not format it with the Contour's built in format option. As long as I use the Contour's format button, I never have that issue.
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Yeah, mine wasn't beeping and was corrupting even when formatted through the camera. I think my $7 eBay 32GB Class 10 card was bad, lol.

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