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Hello, all--

We're ready to announce something--

Aspen/Snowmass, Big Sky, The Canyons, Snowbird

The 2005 EpicSki Academy will be at one of these great resorts!

We're very excited about next season's academy. We hope you are going to be, as well. We've worked with the each of the resorts to develop as attractive a package as we could. They are, in effect, our nominees.

To make our process as participatory as possible,the final decision, the selection among those nominees, will be made by our students. We are polling the participants in the previous programs, and we're hoping that a good discussion will start with threads in the forums with the announcement and others.

The April Newsletter just went out describing all this in detail, and an email is going out later this evening to everyone who attended the first and second Epic Ski Academies and the Eastern Tune Up.

I had some awful production glitches with the newsletter and if you have a hotmail or msn email address you may not have received it. If you haven't, please PM me. I don't even want to compare my frustrations to the trials and tribulations Augie and DChan have been dealing with on the website, but let's just say I have even more appreciation for what they're doing than I did this morning!

Here is the link to the newsletter, for all the details:

EpicSki Academy Newsletter April 204

Aspen/Snowmass, Big Sky, The Canyons and Snowbird all all outstanding destinations and we can have a great 2005 Academy at any of them. It's a matter of where everybody wants to go.

So, we are in play--let's hear what you have to say!