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Hi all


Hope your seasons are going well


I have had pain in this area for some time, and have been thinking the boots are too narrow in the above area. I accept that the boots are too large and I will be changing them, one way or another, but in the meantime and to help with understanding which I hope will lead to better choice of boot, is it possible that the above pain could be caused by over tightening the boot at the upper buckle? (Its Salomon Quest 100 and has two foot buckles and 1 leg buckle). To keep my heel in place I have to make the leg buckle quite tight, and am wondering if that is causing the pain, even though it is located away from the painful area?


As a general question, are there any boot brands to start looking at for avg foot width, narrow heel? Probably around 80 flex would do me.


Thanks for any help and happy skiing