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So, is Nolo saying that one has to buy her beer to get in her class? Is that the "new" class choosing method I read about in the newsletter?
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I don't drink beer, Sue, though I'm happy to go along and toast a remarkable day. At Snowbird we enlarged the scope of target terrain a bit, and descended the high-pucker-factor Keyhole route from Alta to Snowbird, safely I might add. This called for a couple of pitchers at the Keyhole Lounge with homage to whoever invented the pivot slip.

And that's the rest of the story...

[ May 01, 2004, 08:31 AM: Message edited by: nolo ]
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Big Sky would be great.
Also, what about one of the Tahoe resorts?

EDIT: Just checked my e-mail and realized the list has been narrowed down to four resorts: Aspen, Snowbird, Big Sky and the Canyons. My vote would be for Big Sky although they are all good choices. Maybe one of the Tahoe resorts can be considered in the future.
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Having never attended, I don't think I get a vote, but if I did, I think I'd vote for Aspen or Big Sky. Not that Bird would suck either...
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Sounds like some fabulous choices. If it comes down to Big Sky and Aspen, I think participants might want to factor in transportation ease/cost, and likely weather conditions, which might give Aspen an edge. Also, I must respectfully disagree with the suggestion that the terrain at Aspen would require a dispersal of participants. If we happen to use Snowmass as a base, there is plenty for all right there. Groups could then choose to visit the other mountains nearby for varied terrain as desired. The Aspen experience is certainly one that everyone should have at least once! I'm sure Big Sky would be a fine choice (and I'd have NO problem returning to Snowbird!), but I'd vote Aspen (besides, it would be fun to get Weems to show us around!).

PS: Is there going to be an official poll to determine the final choice?
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Still torn between Aspen and Big Sky. If we end up with Aspen, and people want to do some pre or post academy Summit County skiing, I may be able to put up 2 or 3 people.

Also, not that this would be a reason to choose a location, but Fitball has told me that they would supply any Colorado resort with balls, foam rollers, etc. for a fitness workshop. They would do this free of charge. So if you wanted to try out some of the things I showed at ESA 2003, you would be able to.
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Mike, The official poll is of past participants (i.e., students) of ESA programs including ETU. These people were sent a simple email ballot with instructions to return them by midnight May 8.

We'll announce the results of the poll May 10.
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I won't vote cause I can't make it next year. I'll leave it to those intending to attend. If it turns out can make it for ESA 2005 (maybe win the lottery or find a rich man) I'll attend regardless of where it is.
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As someone who is entertaining the idea of attending, my vote is for Big Sky.
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Glad to hear it, Crank.

If you're planning on attending but have not attended in the past, you too can vote by sending an email to

Remember, we're going to close the polls at midnight May 8 and will announce the outcome on May 10.
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The race is close, but one area has it by a nose.
Which will win?

You may determine the outcome! If you plan on going, please vote by midnight tonight, Mountain Time.

Announcement Monday, May 10...
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Originally Posted by nolo
Mike, The official poll is of past participants (i.e., students) of ESA programs including ETU. These people were sent a simple email ballot with instructions to return them by midnight May 8.

We'll announce the results of the poll May 10.
Hey, When was this poll sent out? I don't remember it. I hope to be able to attend, but it will be tough at best to convince the bosses that I need to go. It will also be tough to come up with the money, particularly considering the string of bad luck I've been having with appliances and other household necessities lately. I am still hoping though....BTW...Great Choice!
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May 10 has come and gone, the suspense is killing me!
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Big Sky!
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Is that a definite?
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Yes ir is !
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So sorry, folks!!!

The site was down for so long I forgot I hadn't posted where EpicSki Academy will be in 2005. It is at Big Sky, January 23-27, 2005. We are just finishing negotiations, which will affect pricing a bit, and will be publishing prices and opening for registration in a week or so.
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Do you need me to do work on the reg form, Nolo? (or are there legal issues?) :
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