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Quest 'vs' Quest Max

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Hi there, 

I basically just wanted to know the difference between, perhaps, the Salomon 2014 Quest Max 100s and the Salomon 2014 Quest 110s and which one would be a better pick for a light weight, yet advanced to expert skier. 

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The difference between a 100 and a 110 is the flex, a 110 is stiffer than the 100. I don't know if there are any differences between Quest and Quest Max. I do know that the Quest Max boots (probably the standard Quest boots as well) have the switch on the back to make them looser and easier to hike in, so they're a backcountry boot. If you are only going to be skiing in bounds and not doing much hiking, I would suggest considering the Salomon Impact as well, it's basically the same boot but without the switch on the back.

If possible, go to a bootfitter. Your boots are your most important piece of equipment, and if you go to a bootfitter you know you'll get a boot that is ideal for you, and you can also get it heat moulded (bootfitter will probably heat mould it for free if you buy it from them) which will help with comfort/performance a lot. Consider custom footbeds as well.
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Quest max has a heat mold able lower shell as well.
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Ah I see - yeah, so the flex is a little more on the 110. 

I was just mainly wondering if there are any big differences between the Quest and Quest MAX themselves in terms of the type of boot they are.

To be honest, I don't do a lot of backcountry stuff, as much as I'd love to, I made the mistake of not getting touring bindings for my skis, and hiking is pretty intense on my home mountain. 

But the impact series sounds like a good idea to look at too.

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In that case I'm not sure, you could email Salomon asking the differences between Quest and Quest Max. And if you choose to go to a bootfitter look at this thread and this guide to find a good bootfitter near you.
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