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April Skiing in Virginia

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Local knowledge. Our guide, Austin





Somebody please add some words and more pictures. :)

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Never thought there would be April skiing in VA (or MD,So PA) Even if it's

now weekends only. Too bad I recently moved to the west coast.

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Photo blast from yesterday, April 5, 2014, Wintergreen, VA about 40 minutes west of Charlottesville:

L-R:  TeleRod, The Colonel, Jamesj, VinceK, Chance of Snow

The Colonel


Rod looking out for Chance on Cliffhanger

Proof of fine April skiing at Wintergreen.  We had a blast.

crgildart and his two children soaking up the rays under cobalt blue skies

checking out the competition

telerod skied his buns off






King of Spring!!

The King and his chauffeur


Last hour of last day of the season for us:


VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug0b-0BAx9E&feature=youtu.be

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looks like wintergreen, what a great hill! The slope side houses bring back a lot of memories. I understand its under new ownership and it looks like they didn't spare any money on making the white stuff. Back when I taught there 82 - 89  they bragged they had the most snowmaking per square acre and to get into the highlands area the ski patrol had to like the way you skied!

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JamesJ - you beat me to it. thanks for the photos !

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Jim, thanks so much for bringing me along. Great pictures even though they reveal my neglect of skill development in recent years. Closing days are always such fun celebrations of the ski season. So what if it was my first day of skiing this year and my second day this winter? :o 


We saw a large group of cyclists gathering for a ride near the parking lot of Devil's Backbone Brewery some 2300 feet below the ski resort's parking lot and a couple of intrepid climbers nearing the summit as we descended the road on our way home. I rode my bicycle every day this winter, over 3100 miles. Yesterday I began my ski season. Am I doing this wrong? :dunno


JamesJ doing it right on Eagle's Swoop

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Did I mention TeleRod bagged a big triple yesterday: 

1)Seven hours of skiing and about

2)four hours of biking (to and from my house before/after skiiing) and about

3)six hours of riding in the car to make the roundtrip to Wintergreen. 

A marathon day for him!


Couple more pics:

Rod, Misscrgildart, crgildart.  EpicSki stickers on display here.


Chance of Snow ran with the big dogs yesterday.  Or should I say old dogs? :D

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A little recap of our day at Wintergreen on www.DCSki.comhttp://www.dcski.com/forum/80844

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Looks like a fun time!  Thanks for the pics.

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I moved this to the trip report forum for posterity.  It will be easier to find someday when we want to reminisce about the year we had the great ski day in April in Virginia.:Ott

And also a cheeseburger in paradise:

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Very cool! Never would have thought there was April skiing in VA - nice pics! 

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