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Sunday River April 6

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Probably heading up to the River tomorrow. PM me if you want to try to connect for a couple runs. (Especially thinking of Bears whom I know frequent the area, with whom I've never skied, or not in a long time, including @Mason, @maineskiaddict, @Sugarloafer321, @aveski2000, maybe @bliz1978, and probably a bunch more whose names I don't remember at the moment.)

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I'll be skiing a pair of bright orange DPS Wailer 99s and wearing a red soft-shell top and black soft-shell bottoms.  I'll be with a friend and our 2 kids (9 yo).  Where are you going to be?  I should be on the trails by 9:30 or so.  Call me at 286-4321 tomorrow.  Maybe we can get together later in the day.  BTW, I plan on heading up to the Loaf on Friday.  Want to meet up there for some skiing?



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@Mason was nice enough to adjust his schedule to ski a few runs with me this morning at Sunday River. Unfortunately, due to a chilly breeze, snow in the a.m. was mostly "wishful thinking spring conditions" except in a few sheltered by sunny spots. There was a lot of skiing back and forth between January and March (and precious little April). Nevertheless it was a good time. Mason is a very good bump skier and a welcome addition to Epic, imo.


In the afternoon I got together with old friend but long-time-no-ski-with-me @aveski2000. After a long wild goose chase out to Jordan and back, which included 1,200 vertical feet of truly atrocious coral reef on Tin Woodman ("Oh. So THIS is why no one is on this run."), we finally started to encounter some full-on spring snow back at Spruce that was like warm brown sugar, but it was basically a 2:00 - 4:00 affair leaving us feeling like we were just getting started when the lifts quit for the day.


Despite a bunch of well-intentioned texting in both directions, we never quite managed to ski with @Sugarloafer321, as he was constrained by friends and family and on a different itinerary.

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Sorry we didn't link up today.  However, I had a blast skiing Aurora and Whitecap.  Conditions were great on Whitecap and I as well as my son, his best friend and his father all had a blast.  It's great when you can link up with board members and I really hope to link up with you soon Qcanoe.  School break is in 2 weeks and I plan on taking some time up at Sugarloaf.  Perhaps we can connect then.



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Great day! Thanks again Q canoe.
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I had a great afternoon skiing with qcanoe. Tin Woodman was a little firm :-) He nailed it though. I was in a survival mode. The conditions were nice on lower Spruce and Barker at the end of the day.  Hopefully it will be good next Sunday for the Passholder BBQ. After that, will try for the Loaf a few times. Also Gulf of Slides or Tucks.

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