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ESA Photos needed for TPS Article

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I've been asked by The Professional Skier to write an article about skiing message forums. The article will be geared towards ski instructors, so there will be some focus on the academy. I need high resolution digtal photos that show instruction, not just people hanging out together. They should be 300 dpi and 4 by 6. Either respond here, or send me a PM.

BTW, TPS PAYS for photos!!!
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I'm sure if only we knew who took these, that he would let you use them - if they are any good for what you want... When Taught, Follow Her

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Bring 'em back alive is my motto. That means they feel acutely alive when they come back-- cherishing their aliveness one might even say...

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Sorry nolo, out of the 300 or so photos I took on holiday, I did not take any of us being instructed - only group standing shots. One option may be to take stills from the digital video that was taken, but usually only the students were in the frame.
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I regret that I didn't take any photos or video during the academy. If you have digital photos you'd be willing to share--and group shots are fine--we'd love to display them in the newsletters and next year's web brochure. Please send me a PM for my email address.

*Payment will be in liquid form.
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