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which ski is that?

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I'm looking for a replacement for my r2 115 178cm, I want something stiffer and a little longer radius!

I really like the rocker profile with the longish and low tip rocker and flatish tail, and would like to keep the dimensions about the same close to 115 underfoot, and high 170s length.

What I think could be ideal would be a skinny Bodacious, the rocker profile is almost ideal, I'd like to see a low camber, other than that more sidecut and a little narrower!

Looked around and I can't find anything I think is exactly what I'm looking for.

what would you suggest me to try? That ski is going on my quiver of

prophet 98 @172
cochise @177

skis I tried

Line Influence 115, I'd like more pop, find it a little heavy compared to the r2

Moment Governor, crazy stiff for me!

what's out there that I'm missing?
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Did I see your name in the Praxis thread over on teton?

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concept? gpo?

I wished the gpo in 175 was a little wider, I'm afraid there might be too much overlap with the cochise I'm getting!

Thought about the concept, but haven't heard much!

any feedback?
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Didn't realize they dropped the waist down to 111 on the GPO. You could always scale up 4cm from what you're currently on to the 182.


I don't have any experience with the Concept, but I would highly suggest talking to Keith at Praxis. Always emails back quickly and he's more about matching you with the right ski than making money (steered me toward a less expensive core option). He could definitely give you the scoop on the Concept.

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