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ETU 03 knee report

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I am glad to hear that Oboe et al are going to bring us ETU 04, and very glad to report to all my ETU friends that I should be able to attend --I'm 3 weeks post-op on my ACL replacement and meniscus repair, pretty much pain free, and doing everything my PT tells me to. My doc tells me the repair is rock-solid, and I'm walking without a brace or crutches, and just started climbing stairs without double-stepping. I should be back on my bike by the end of April, and skiing by December. Can't wait to see all of you. Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes. Evan.
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Glad to hear it is going so well and looking forward to seeing you at the ETU again next year. We can have an injured "veterans" return party or something as I also got hurt there (but not as bad as you.
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That's good news, Evan! Dr. Bigfoot and I look forward to your return.
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OK, back in character now (THANK YOU, Allen!!!)
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