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Volkl One vs Two?

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Trying to decide between the Volkl One and Two.  Anyone my size been on both in fresh, heavy snow?  I'm 5'7", 150 lbs., strong skier, and was on the 176 in both skis.


Basically, I tried the One in powder, thought they worked great-- fun and easy, even difficult terrain -- but they weren't at their best at speed in heavy chop.  The Two was better in the latter conditions, but I didn't get a chance to ski it in fresh snow.  So my question is would the Two, whose added stiffness makes it more versatile than the One for variable condititions, give up the One's facility in powder (there's no more fresh here to enable me to try the Two in those conditions).  Of course I could wait for the next storm, but then I might miss out on the upcoming sale.


Volkl One:  Got two days on it, mostly off-piste, conditions on both days were two feet of fresh, heavy powder.  Skied it in the steep tree runs off Dragon's Tail, Avalanche Chute #2, Hangman's, Wipeout #1, Paranoids #2, the trees under lift 8, etc.  Found it worked great in deep snow, particularly in the trees.  My only complaint in 3D snow is that when I wanted to open it up and make GS turns in heavy chop, it was hard to get the ski out to side -- didn't feel solid.


Volkl Two:  Got a couple of hours on it, in heavy chop.  Skied Climax, Dave's, etc.  Seemed to perform better in those conditions than the One.



Additional background: Tried the 175 JJ, didn't like it -- didn't feel solid enough (the One felt much more solid).

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Which one did you end up going with? I am currently trying to figure out which I want to get 5'8" and 185. Any feedback would be awesome!

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I got the One in a 176 (see http://www.epicski.com/t/119277/ex-racer-demos-modern-skis-titan-rev85-rtm84-kendo-proph98-finds-himself-delighted-and-confused/180#post_1732539), and really like it.    But your weight is so different from mine (I'm 5'7", 150#), I'm not sure how that would translate for you.  Here's Ellsworth's review of the 186 cm Volkl One: http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/2013-2014-volkl-one  He lists his vitals as: Age: 41 | 5’10,” 180 lbs. | Years skiing: 25.  So he's close to your weight, but taller.  If you've skied other 110-120 mm skis and your go-to length is in the mid-180's, then the 186 One should work for you.  But if you want to stick with a 176, you might overpower the One, and want to go with the Two.  I just don't know.  The downside of the Two is its added width makes it less versatile.   Also depends on where you'll be taking it, what your skiing level is, etc.—heck, you might want the Two in a 186!  And now they have a Three....

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