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Feedback and Planning

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Hello, all--

Just a reminder. If you attended the 2004 Academy at Snowbird and haven't responded o the feedback questionnaire, please do so ASAP. Our deadline is March 10, and we need to hear from you by then.

Once we get your responses in and organized, I'll give a report. Of course, the better the response rate, the more valuable the input. So, if you haven't had a chance to return our questionnnaire, please take the time to do so. If you need a link to the questionnaire, please PM me.

And if you didn't attend the Academy, but have opinions about how we ought to do things (heh, heh, this crowd, have opinions!), by all means speak up. That's what these forums (fora?) are for!
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sno'more, what kind of response have you gotten? Seems like we should get a little friendly peer pressure going--some of us are anxiously awaiting the plans for ESA3!
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Hey, Steve--

I'm not sure exactly how many responses we've gotten so far (they aren't coming to me). But as of a week or so ago, we had something over half of them back.

This is just a friendly reminder for everyone out there who hasn't gotten around to it yet.
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