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Kastle LX 82

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Does anyone know how this ski compares with Nordica Nemesis or Helle's Belles?

I am 5'8, female, 140 lbs. I am level 8 skier and am working on Level 2 in RM. I like bumps, trees and am fairly aggressive but tend to enjoy making good turns as opposed to going fast. Although, my speed is increasing with improvement in my skills.

I currently have the Nemesis in 169 and Helle's Belles in 179 and like them both. I also like the Sambas. As far as demos, I do not like the Rossi E88 or any of the women's Volkls.

I am looking for a narrower ski and would appreciate thoughts on the LX82.

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I'm 5'8" upper intermediate 148 male.


I have the LX82 in 172. I think this ski is good but somewhat over-rated based upon some reviews I've read. I LOVE the fact their light & nimble and my legs don't get tired easily.


I would give it an 8.0-8.5/10


For me, I do prefer the "feel" of Blizzard. I own the 8.0CA and 88 bushwacker. Call me crazy but I prefer both of them over the LX82. 

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Thank you.
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