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pictures to come up soon. Used last year by Epic and this year by me used abut 30 days total this season and fresh edgewise tune set at .75/3 at the end of time I was using them. selling just to try something else, pictures up soon.


Bases - have some small scratches, IMO pointless to base grind as it shortens the life of the ski 9/10 the structure is beautiful. Full of just typical Hc wax but easy to keep 'wet"

Edges - are great and as of this week were still holding on ice/hardpack great 10/10

top sheets - scuffed and scartach only cosemetics - 7-8/10

Binding - funcitional and appearance wise in great shape - 9/10


pics to come soon I have to the 10th to sell them before I leave for a month. The price will be higher next fall Supply and Demand