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Voted.  Thread bump: http://bit.ly/1gLGoGn

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Much as I'd like Whitefish to win, there's no getting around the fact that yours is the best video in this contest by a mile. No, several miles.
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Me too!

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Vote cast.

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Thread Starter 


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Due to the glitches with voting this round, there is still time to vote for 4ster in The World Opens Up. Most likely voting will end late on April 29.  Currently leading 128 to 47.

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Thanks again to everyone who voted for THE WORLD OPENS UP in the Warren Miller Competition! That round is over and, while I don't know the official result, at last count we were way up in the votes so we should now be one of the top 2 videos.

I hate to say it, but the next and final round to select the regional winner should start on Friday. That's the really important round, and after this one I promise I won't be asking for anyone to vote for anything ever again...unless we win the region, then I might ask again in four months.


Thanks again!



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I think a viewing party in the Ogden Valley in the fall would be Thumbs Up  :D

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Almost to the Final Four!  Just need to win the regional finals.  Voting started May 2 and should end late on May 3.  Vote today for THE WORLD OPENS UP and support Snowbasin and 4str.



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Hi everyone, here is the link for this most important semi-final vote:


I promise if we win this one I won't ask again till September. This round should be the toughest of all so please take the time to vote for "The World Opens Up" & share it with all your FB friends...

Thanks Mucho!



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Vote cast again. Also shared on FB.
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Thanks Stev!  here is the link again...






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Did my part.


You're looking strong so far!

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http://bit.ly/1gLGoGn .  Just broke 300 votes...



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Vote cast. Good luck!
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Thanks to everyone who voted, Looks like we won the Southwest region!!!

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Just found this video. Fantastic! Thanks for making and sharing.

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Glad to hear it did well. Awesome video! I made it up to Snowbasin once this past year, won't be my last time there.

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Just got this email forwarded to me from Chris Morgan:


Congrats! Your edit has been chosen!
It's almost time for the FINAL FOUR to represent their regions in Warren Miller's Hometown Hills Video Contest.
Tell all your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and Snailmail to go to www.facebook.com/WarrenMillerEntertainment and vote for your video.
The Hometown Hills app will go live on our Facebook page and voting for the Final Four will begin at 12:00 pm MDT on Tues, Sept. 16th and will end at 12:00 pm MDT on Wed Sept. 17th. One hour later, at 1pm MDT, the winners of the Final Four round will be announced and voting for the Championship matchup will begin. The Championship Round will start at 1:00 pm MDT on Wed Sept. 17th and will end at 12:00 pm MDT on Sept. 19th. The last video standing will win a VIP trip to see their video on the big screen this fall at the Premiere of our 65th film!
Best of luck,
Warren Miller Entertainment


All help will be appreciated!



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Voted.  Good luck!

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Here's the direct link: https://www.facebook.com/WarrenMillerEntertainment/app_498156390289464


Voted.  You're up 9 to 4 so far.

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Thanks guys!


Here is another link...





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Voted. You are up 25-6.
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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

Thanks Stev!  here is the link again...






Vote and shared!  Pretty wild to have less than 24 hours before the semi-final vote closes.

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Done Jim.

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THE VOTES ARE IN! Joey Wallis’s “Midwest Powder Mecca” and Chris Morgan’s “The World Opens Up” are our 2 finalists going head-to-head in the Championship round of Hometown Hills. You have until this Friday (9/19) @ 12pm noon MDT to represent.

Okay friends we need a big push to win the finals against the excellent entry from the Mid-west.

VOTE NOW (pretty please): http://bit.ly/1uI2x0y


Thanks much for keeping this thing going everyone!



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Bump for more votes. Just voted and Jim is trailing. Epic folks need to rally!
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