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I did my first half pipe snowboard competition at age 58.  The first run wasn't pretty and I wiped out (the second run actually went pretty well().  My wife asked what happened.  I replied, "I got two feet from the lip and ran out of experience."


And my all time two favorite quotes:


"When you're over the pick up speed"


"If you're not living on the edge..... you're taking up too much room"

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"Milkin' the giraffe"


A shop mate's discription of exaggerated, slow-motion, high handed, powder pole plants.


The quote is useless without the pantomime pole plants.

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"There is no such thing as a ski buddy on a powder day".

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Powder day at Alpine Meadows. Several young women load a chair (detachable 6). A patroller and his trainee dog are waiting in the patrol line for the next chair. As the chair with the young women takes off, the dog jumps aboard, leaving patroller behind. Says I to the patroller--"No friends on powder days."

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From Squatty Schuller: 

Avoid the big grey things [points to lift towers]

Avoid the big green things [points to the trees]

Aim for the white area.

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"Point the tip downhill!"  What you yell at pavers.

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Originally Posted by tomfifield View Post

Why do you guys pick on Josh?



because I rip apparently this hurts their feeling. 

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Originally Posted by Josh Matta View Post

because I rip apparently this hurts their feeling. 
Big farts don't count as ripping.

Dang, that's sig worthy!
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Bushwacker I know why you rip now;it's a five letter word starts with S and ends with E.First, time two weeks ago at Mammoth,an absolute blast!!( My beautiful bride told me I was skiing like a WILD MAN )

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Actually it's a six letter word.

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When we would ski out of bounds and try to out run the ski patrollers if they saw us, "you can't out run Motorola".

Don't ski the trees ski the spaces between them.
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When looking for this thread, I found the old one.....made me chuckle just a little bit. 

Favorite Skiing Quotes



Anyway.....I wanted to add a quote from Julia Mancuso.

Gratitude is an Attitude. 

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"When you fall, get right back up."


            "Buck Hill" Girl

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When deciding which run to follow and where to go........from my young daughter:


"Wherever the wind blows us".

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"Don't be paranoid. Everything you say is being recorded. Everything you do is being filmed. Everywhere you go you are being followed. But don't be paranoid." My father when we were skiing at Grand Targhee in the early 1970s.

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Both of these will make many people a bit timid.

What ever you do do not fall where we are going.
Or; Do not fall here.
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"Skiing is more than a sport, it is a way of life." - Otto Schniebs


"Skiing is like having a fancy dessert, it add so much to your life...skiing is a discipline and that discipline requires physical conditioning, it requires you take care of yourself."  - George Jedenoff  96 year old Alta skier.





Thank you DCSkier Denis for sharing this video.

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