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Hi everyone! I am in the hunt for some good all mountain/backcounty/powder skis! I am six foot 235 and I ski in Colorado but will also use the skis when I go back home to the northwest (ski very little in the NW anymore however). Right now I ride the Line Prophet 100's in 186. Originally I was looking at the Line Opus, the Line Sir Francis Bacon, the K2 hellbents, and the atomic bent chettlers. What do you think about these? After talking to some people the Armada Magic J's have become an option as well and I think I like those quite a bit. I plan on putting Dynafits or Marker Dukes so I can tour consistently on them but my local mountain gets killer powder SO I would like the skis to handle the resort as well. Open to any new suggestions as well! I plan on sending it deep, screamin' down the mountain and stompin' boulders, pillows, cliffs and jumps. Advice? Thank you

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I'm a lot smaller than you, but interested in the Fisher Big Stix 100 or 110 for same purpose....also hear a lot about Armada TST
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duplicate post
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Originally Posted by mfa81 View Post

Praxis Protests seems to be what you are looking for... no personal experience with the ski though, but that's what I'd look at if my area also got killer powder!

They came up with a new UL core that should be perfect for touring deep powder!

if you pull the trigger Today you can still get the pre-sale price + 15% discount some members here could hook you up with!

my second option would be bent chetler, awesome ski that can handle relatively well crud and tracked at the resort!
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just saw the praxis pre-sale deal has been extended until the 7th

this will give time to give keith a call and talk to him about your options!
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Use my name if you want the 15% and decide to buy. Willis Richardson. I get a new pair of skis from Keith every year. Never ever short on quality, service or help.

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