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Fail on the rail

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I do ski and im trying to do simple rail but i can't everytime i try one of my ski keep getting on the other side and then i fell...

what should you say to me to get it?
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One of my friend say to me to try ski but its my first time and i wana try the snowpark but the snowpark is realy small and easy could it be ok or i should take some lessons before?
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At the suggestion of another epicski member I have moved your posts to the Beginner Zone which is a "friendlier"  environment for asking questions related to starting out.  I hope @TheRusty or one of our other members a bit better skilled in park skills will stop by and help.

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Skis need to go onto rails and boxes crosswise, more or less 90 degrees to the direction of the rail. To prepare for this movement you need to spend some time learning to pivot the skis on flat snow.
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