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Head Raptor B2 RD

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There's a used pair on ebay that are pretty inexpensive. These boots are white plastic but look to be a duller white than current Raptor models. I am guessing they are 4 years or more old model now.

I am interested in trying a 95 last boot . I wear a 10.5- 11 shoe so I am thinking the 313 mm shell won't be too long.

I had RS Raptors in a 313 mm shell and the fit got a little loose after time and packing out. I measured my foot buying jogging shoes a couple weeks ago and I was an A width maybe if I remember correctly double A.

The thing I would like to know is when did Head change the closure on the upper part of the boot where the cuff overlaps the upper part of the clog?. My old Raptors had the little flap like wings on the upper part of the clog between the first and second buckle. One flap would need to be beneath the other before buckling.

A real PITA and pinched the foot when taking the boot off. A buddy of mine in the ski locker room has this years Raptor RS 115 and I saw that the plastic flaps were no longer part of the design it is all smooth now in the "throat" of the boot.

Thanks for any info you can provide.
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My bad the boots are B3 not 2 just saw a sheet where I traced my bare foot dimensions were 88 .2 width at ball of foot.

At big toe length of foot 93/4 in 245 mm length.

Shell of B3 Raptor 313 mm 95 mm width.
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are you saying that length of your foot is 245mm and the width is 88.2mm? those dimensions are not congruent with a size 10/10.5 shoe.


those dimensions should have you in a head shell that is 283 or 293 BSL.


what is the shell check like in your 313 raptors?

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Just measured length of foot again 10.6 in. Heel to top of big toe. So that is 269.7 mm WIdth was reported correctly at 88 .2mm.

In my old RS Raptors about 1 finger behind heel in the 313 mm shells.

Current boot is an Atomic RT 98 last 304 last . Almost non existent heel gap in shells . I get "pump bumps" on The side of the Achilles' tendon from rubbing. Had a fitter tell me the only way that rubbing could happen was because the Atomic boot was too big and he pasted some padding on the sides of the liner up by the top of the tongue to push me further back in the boot.

I was incredulous that the Atomics were too big . I thought the exact opposite that the pump bumps formed because of a lack of space in the heel pocket causing the rubbing. I have no heel lifting when skiing in these boots.

So maybe another issue becomes if the B3 Raptors have even a more narrow heel pocket.But I am thinking a 313 shell would maybe offset a tighter heel pocket. I have had all my boots ground in the heel . I think I am kind of a "tweener" depending on the boot between a 26 and a 27.

Probably should leave well enough alone. Love to experiment but get bummed when I go backwards.

Thanks for your inputs.
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any chance you have large calf muscles---if so they will lever against the back of the calf/boot cuff and push your feet forward out of the heel pocket---I think the 304mm shell should work for you, a 315 shell would be even wider (plus longer) than what you now have.  As Jim asked---what is the shell check in the boot---you said the shell gap was non existent---but what is the gap space? (don't use fingers---yours might be larger than mine.  By the way--- you are not a tweener.



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your "pump bumps" are from the movement of the heel being levered into back of the shell. the cause could either be related to lack of flexibility in the ankle joint, or boots that cannot hold/contain the instep/heel because they are too big in that part of the boot. especially if your foot is low volume as well as narrow?


it is not about length or width, it is about volume and the boots ability to maintain control of a thin low volume foot.


to get retention of a narrow, low volume foot, it is sometimes necessary to get the shortest low volume boot that your foot can tolerate to be able to get the instep/throat area to hold the heel down and back. in most cases it means making some adjustment to the toe box length or a grind or punch that allows the heel bone to sit deep into the heel pocket. there are also some fore/aft angle issues that could be playing into your situation. so part of the fit solution could be ramp angle/forward lean/binding delta related.


since the boot companies do not give the boot fitter or the consumer a tool for matching instep shape and height to shell and liner shape in that area, it is really hard to find a boot fitter that has the product, or the foot matching skills to set you up. assuming that you are a performance skier, cause you are looking at 130/150 flex boots, with a narrow foot that measures between a 26 and a 27 shell, you will need to either find a 27 that has a really low roof and a narrow throat, or a 26 that  has a low roof and plenty of workability in the toe box and heel/ankle area.



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Thank you Guys for the great insight and assessment of what is likely to be going on. I actually have super thin calves. About 1/2 inch in the 313 shell. 304 shells are packed for my trip tomorrow but a 1/4 in wide dowel can't fit when I shell fit the 304 Atomics.

I have very flat feet so I need a low roof which I believe the RT Atomics have.

Last thing on the Raptors do you recall when they changed the inside "flaps" and got rid of the wing like notches?

Painful pinching taking the boot off with those things.

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