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walk mode

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I'm looking into new boots.  Is it worth getting a pair that has a walk mode.  Thanks.

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Are you doing a lot of required walking in your boot?  Like hiking miles?  If not, then don't use walk mode as a decision factor.


If boots that fit you well in the first place, walking won't be so bad.


If walking is that bad and you have to walk that far, you are better off just walking in your sneakers and getting a locker at the resort and putting your boots on there.  Although you are paying for the locker, you are saving the wear on the soles of your far more expensive ski boot so it cancels out

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Thanks.  I wasn't sure if it was worth having the walk mode for just walking around the lodge and hanging out in more comfort.

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Originally Posted by Mason View Post

I'm looking into new boots.  Is it worth getting a pair that has a walk mode.  Thanks.

Unless you intend to do alpine touring (skinning up), it is not worth it!

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It's not a consideration for me.  If the boot that fits my foot and is stiff enough to provide adequate performance has a walk mode, fine.  If it doesn't I don't care.

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It can be helpful if you hike a lot, especially on steeper pitches, not just for skinning. (If you skin a lot, or actually tour, you want a tech boot, not a alpine boot with walk mode.) And a lot of coaches or patrol guys wear them. But most walk mode boots give up a little in the way of stiffness in the spine. The Lange XT or the Cochise's with walk have good reps for being comparable to most non-walk mode boots. 

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As some have already said, it depends on how much you need the feature. I only need this added uphill flexibility for skinning and/or boot-packing for well less than 10% of the number of days I ski each season, so for me it's good enough just to unbuckle the top 2 buckles of regular stiff downhill boots for the climb. Then just buckle up for secure/solid downhill skiing. I have heard of the walk/climb lever malfunctioning on some AT type boots and I wouldn't like that to happen on my descent


One trick I learned is to put a strip of duct tape up and around my bare heel under my sock when I'm going to be climbing, to eliminate the chance of a heel blister.


BTW, I use Alpine Trekker binding attachments and skins for skinning a few days each season, and also strap crampons to my boots for boot-packing a few days each season. It's going to be a good season for uphill travel this year once the lifts close...

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I don't use my hike function because I don't use them for AT. I did use it to walk from the locker room over to the lift for a few days, but kept forgetting to move the switch back for skiing. The ease of walking was not sufficient to justify having yet some other thing to fiddle with before starting down the hill.
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I got the Nordica Hell and Back boot last year first off because it fit my foot really well.  I still had them bump it out in a few hot spot areas.  But the second consideration was the hike mode.  So glad I bought a boot with the hike mode.  It has made difference on a few hikes I have taken.  The Alta Baldy hike and the Park City Jupiter Peak hike.  On my Hell and Back all you do is release the top buckle and it makes a huge difference.  The stiffness of the boot is very high.  It is actually the stiffiest boot I have owned. My last boot was the Nordica Speedmachine 10.  I hope this boot holds up for years because it is so comfortable and just plain works for me.  I have heard great things about the Lange XT as well.  Just glad I don't forsee a need for a boot for many years.  It is the hardest thing to dial in for me.

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