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Skis for son -- fish or cut bait?

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We just got back from six ski days at Snowmass.  Great weather, awesome skiing conditions.  I let my 19-year-old son demo skis for a couple days.  His current skis are hand-me-downs from four years ago: 164 Volkl AC20s (74 waist).  Those were my beginner skis, which he first skied when he was four inches shorter, at least 10 pounds lighter, and several levels less proficient than he is now.  He's now about 5'8" and maybe 142 lbs.  We ski a lot of glades, moguls, and of course groomed and semi-groomed to get to and from the trees and moguls.


When I signed him up to demo, the idea was that he'd ski 2-3 runs on one pair of skis, try another, etc.  But, for his first pair, the guy at the ski store gave him 166 Blizzard Brahmas.  He really liked them and didn't want to swap to anything else.  In my head, these are too short and too stiff for him.  Back at the Xmas break, I demo'ed 173 Brahmas and chose 173 Bushwackers over the Brahmas for my skis (I'm 5'9" and 150 lbs.).  Yes, he is a better skier than I, but we all (he, my daughter, me) all ski the same stuff together.


So, here's my quandary:  should I trust his gut or my head?  More specifically, should I get him 166 Brahmas now -- with all the post-season sales starting -- and hide them in a closet for next Christmas?  Or, wait til next season, and insist that he demo other skis?



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Get the next larger size for him? He'll probably fill out a tad in the next three years.
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^^^This.  He'll ski up to them quickly.  Don't go more than 174 cm though for a one ski quiver.  Don't want to overload him, but someone 5'8' should be able to manage the 174s just fine.

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Just be glad he didn't really like the Kastles since those are all over Aspen/Snowmass.

Agree with sibhusky. I wouldn't worry too much. He liked them, that's enough. He'll make them work.

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He's 19 - time to start  living with the consequences of his own choices. 

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He's a big boy. He can buy his own skis.
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At 19 I was buying my own equipment, which forced me to take what I could get at the annual second hand swap meet.

It's been said here before but new equipment does not a better skier make.

Your son will probably be happy with whatever you get him.
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Give him the budget/money and let him go figure this out and shop for himself.  whether he wants to start reading reviews on the internet, or go to the library and read magazines or something.


If a person doesn't even have the interest or time to spend money and just would rather have the skis handed to him, then you have a problem.



But if the next post is him coming here with a 1post account and saying "what are the best skis, tell me what to buy" and then just crowdsourcing the effort without doing any of his own research homework or having any opinion of his own, i will then slam my laptop shut and go eat an onion in anger; but hey at least he's putting in some minimal effort

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He likes the skis he demoed. Accept that, just suggest he gets the next size due to bulking out and gaining muscle at his age. He'll accept that, I'm sure, and you'll get what you want as well. LIKING the skis you are on has as much to do with success at skiing as what the ski IS. If you don't like the ski, no matter why, you won't trust it. If you don't trust it, you'll be fighting it, etc.
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Separating out the parenting advice from the ski advice, I don't see a groundswell for staying with the 166 length.  I think I'll suggest he demo some more next season, including the next length up in Brahmas.  Thanks Sib, Tog and crgil (others too, depending on interpretation....) for advice along that line. 


Also, although I intend ultimately to give him the skis as a gift (sorry, Caucasian, but different strokes, eh?) there is something to your idea, raysteng, about giving him a budget and having him to do the work in picking them -- if only to avoid you eating an onion...  :(


Finally, Sib, I really agree with your last post -- he has to "own" the decision, which reinforces the idea that he pick his own skis.  Lutes and gde, this may have been what you guys were saying too.



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