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i am 5ft 7 1/2 in 165 lbs. I have been riding rossi s80 164cm for a couple of years  in the east. I have been happy with them. I start the season in groomers and by the end of the season especially with a good snow year like now,  I am almost completely skiing the trees/glades which I enjoy.  I go in them in all kinds of conditions from powder to firm. Note I am over 60 and would like to think of myself as cautious and prudent.  I am a one quiver guy , cannot take too much complexity. The rossi's have been heavily used and now I am looking for replacement. I am trying to decide between something like


a. rossi experience 88

b. rossi soul 7


also may be i should the bump up the length to 170 ish? 


any advice will be appreciated