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La Vallee Blanche

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Here's a little video I cut together from our recent trip to Chamonix.  The conditions were awful but the Alpes were awesome and the weather was sunny and warm so all was good.



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Really nice job putting that together.  Gives you a real feel for skiing the Valle Blanche.



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Thanks for posting! I was sad to not be able to ski it when I was on the Italian side of Mont Blanc in February but your video takes me back to some of the most stunning scenery I've ever seen.  Glad you enjoyed your trip!

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I liked the narration. thanks

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Happy memories!

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You have brought back very happy memories. Thank you!

Very nice video. I might save it on my PC and watch it over and over, even when offline!

It's been some years since last I skied the Valleé Blanche (I was 14 or 13, don't even remember exactly) I need to check with my mother from where we started (from the very top or else...)

In a storm, with my mom and...nobody else...our guide and the rest of the group stayed behindl until the weather cleared and caught up with us some time after...we were very, very lucky.

I have only one bad memory form that..the amount of walking I had to do at the end. Snow had melted (it was April) and I had to walk most of the final part (your final sequences...) the path in the woods, in skiing boots. Bleah. Oh well, one cannot have everything 

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Tres bien fait !
D un
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