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Correct, and it's the only time I grab a metal file.  All other times it's Moonflex only for me.

I only use panzer for initial 2 passes at 7 degrees depending upon the sidewall and ski. Then I sharpen with panzer at 1 degree more than my final angle. So if I want a 3 degree as the final angle, I will use the panzer at 4 degrees until edge is sharp.


then I switch files to a 100 mm 13 or 15 TPC no -chrome (Usually Homenkol) file at my final bevel angle of 3. 


Then progression of stones, generally, 200, 400, 600 and then a final hone/polish with a surgical stone or ceramic all using 50/50 water/denatured alcohol mix and wiping down the edge with a rag between each stone. 


Remove the hanging burr with an arkansas, surgical, ceramic or true hardstone and then a couple of NO pressure passes with a HARD gummi downthe edge point and you are ready to slice and dice!

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I have a slightly modified Side Of BEAST Pro.  I'll have to make a short video.  
I'd love to see what you did to it. Pictures would be fine great if you didn't have time for a video.


Here is what I did to improve my Side Of The BEAST Pro.


Now I go skiing.  Sunny day at Bachelor!  See ya!

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