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All Mountain/New England One Ski Quiver.

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Hello all,

I am looking for some new skis that can keep up with my skiing ability better than my current pair.  Heres a little about me: I am an advanced-intermiediate skier who skis anywhere from blues to double blacks.  I stay mostly on-piste, but enjoy the occasional dip in the woods (who doesn't?)  I am on ice a lot (killington mostly) and moguls is something I admittedly do a lot of.  I am looking for a ski to do it all that won't be to expensive.  A few that I am considering is the Atomic Smoke Ti, K2 amp 76ti, K2 amp 80x, Rossi Experience 83, and the Volkl RTM 80.  Any insight on these would be greatly appreciated and any other recommendations will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks a million!

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Hi - Welcome to Epic. Would be helpful to know your height and weight. I ski K-ton, for a 1sq that includes trees and bumps, think that you might want to look at skis like the Blizzard 8.5 Ti, Atomic Blackeye, Head REV 8.5, Elan Waveflex 82 Ti if you're a bigger guy; the Head Rally or REV80, Blizzard 8.0 CA, Bushwacker, Fischer Motive 80 or 86, Nordica Burner if you're lighter. Most of these can be had a nice prices right now, BTW, except for the Rally, which is pretty much sold out everywhere. 


I'm not a K2 guy, but others are, a few excellent candidates like skis made by Stockli or Kastle are too pricy, and while I see a ton of Volkls back here on the hardpack, not a great bump ski IMO. Also keep in mind that in the east, you'll face a tradeoff between being great on ice and great in bumps. Might want to make a priority list. 

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I am a bigger guy, like 6'2" 250, so thanks for the ideas.  I have skied on a few K2's in my life, and I really like how they feel.  Im coming of a pair of Atomic's which I liked.  Im going to prefer a ski that performs better in ice, seeing as how you can't really ski differently to make a ski good on ice, but changing your form in moguls can help bring a ski around, based on my experience.  I will take those into consideration, I was looking at the blackeye ti, but wondered whether or not it was worth the extra moolah.

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OK, for a guy your size, IMO the Blizzard 8.5 Ti is your ticket. Very inexpensive right now, just a super fine ski with some beef to it that has a touch of rocker at both ends, so it'll hold well on ice but also do nicely in bumps. More lively feel than your K2's, closer to the Backeyes. PM Dawgcatching if you're interested, think he may still some around at heavy discount. Starthaus (Phil here) may too. In general, you'll want something at least high 170's, probably over 180 cm, and with some stiffness to it to compensate for your size. I'd cross the REV85 and Blackeye off your list, maybe also think about the Head Titan, which you should be able to find in a 177 and which would have a big upside for you, a really damp feel like the K2's, but will run more than the other skis mentioned. 


BTW, IME you can ski differently to make a ski good on ice. Or put differently, for hardpack plan on getting your edges done every 5-7 days at least. Then start your turn early, work on high edge angles, with lot of pressure on the outside ski as you arc. Not saying that some skis won't be significantly better than others on ice, but that good mechanics can make most skis behave. I've seen good skiers carve sheer ice on absolute dishrag skis. And I've seen mediocre skiers skid and flail on skis that are legendary for their grip. 

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Went to dawgcatchings site, had the 8.5s at a very good price, however not in a size that would work. And I wasn't too impressed with what the rest of the web had to offer. Anything on the k2 amp 80x? I feel like the 76ti won't be enough ski for what I need and have seen the 80x around and seems to perform well based on reviews.
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Ok so found some good deals and would like some guidance.
$480 - 2012 Blackeye ti - used, but nothing really major to bases - 181
$515 - 2014 k2 amp 80x - brand spanking new - 177

Both come with the stock bindings and shipping is included within the price. I know the blackeye is a ski for slightly more advanced riding, however it is an older version and used. Would any of you guys advise the extra money for the 80x, newer technology, new, and I like skiing k2s over atomics?
Thanks a ton guys, really means a lot! biggrin.gif
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Kind of leaning towards the 80x, but you never know.  I know the Exp. 88 is good and have read that the 83 isn't much worse, since I'm primarily on-piste guy the thinner waist would help the grip.  Any other thoughts?


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IMO at your size and where you ski go wide, for you that's at least the upper 80'smm waist and low 180cm in length.


Then take a lesson on the new skis. I ski at Okemo, a lot of us regulars are on wide skis, I'm sure you notice that when your in a lift line at Killington.


I also agree with beyond, keep the ski in good tune. All of the upper end skis should perform well on ice if tuned well.


With the new rocker or early rise tips, you can go a little longer. I'm 5'11" 195 and skied my 183cm 119mm skis (full rocker) yesterday and Saturday at Okemo.


So for you to get a 180cm with some rocker you'll be fine.

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I would not be afraid to go wider than you are considering.  A ski with a waist width in the mid 80s is considered on the narrow side today.  The Rossi E88 is very popular at Killington.  Other skis in the same category include the Head Rev 85 and Fischer Motive 86. 

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Best to demo the skis using others opinions as a starting point.

Now would be a good time as the shops will soon be unloading the demos.

Buying a ski blind without trying it out seems imprudent.
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