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A wonderful week in SLC!

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Hi All!

I sent this before, only to have it eaten by the internet gods! Good for y'all, as it was way too long.

Bill and I had a wonderful time. We were fortunate to work w/Chip Loring (husband of ML, Epic member and Snowbird ski school chief, Maggie Loring). And we were paired w/our own sno'more (Dwight Cramer) and Lucky Duck (?) (Leigh). (I am still not sure on everyone's screennames.) Chip was great about pushing us all out of our comfort zones (way out at times!) Bill and I are level 6-7 skiers (or so I have been told). For the most part we live on groomed terrain. By the end of the first day, we were sampling off piste and bumps. By the end of the week, we sampled everything. It seems that Chip couldn't find enough "sporting" terrain for us. The bumps got bigger, and the terrain got steeper.

It was an awesome week, and we learned alot. Bill even wants to look into more lessons (a big change there!) And, he and Chip are talking about visiting our humble Epicski.

Don't know if we can make ESA 3 (if it happens next January), but probably will make #4.

And Chip, when you do check in, glad your Pats won. I am sure you were on pins and needles for a while! We may see the Canyons in April.

Thanks all! And it was great to put faces to the names. You are all so gracious.

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Hey, Casey and Bill--

It was fun skiing with you. And I'll betcha that in the last two minutes or so of the Superbowl, with his beloved Pats trailing, then tied with the Panthers, Chip was twice as nervous as any of us may have been in any of that sporting terrain.

Hope to see you again,

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Originally posted by Casey:
...The Canyons in April.
The Canyons? In April?? Can I play with you and Bill?

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Sno'more -- we enjoyed skiing w/you as well. On Saturday, Bill and I admitted that we missed our little skiing "family." Loved the stories and comments by all. And you are right on Chip and his team. Would have loved to be there.

IG -- sure! The more the merrier. BTW, I know none of us are meteorologists, but what is the usual weather in early April? Trying to make some plans.

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Originally posted by Casey:
...what is the usual weather in early April? Trying to make some plans.

Good luck.
Can I answer your question in May? :

April weather, hmmm, well, let's see. It's not uncommon to see a late dump, so powder is a possibility. It's spring, so sunscreen should go without saying. You might see frozen corduroy in the morning and slush bumps in the afternoon. Corn! Corn is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

(This is why I want to be a weatherman when I grow up. You can be wrong and people just shrug and chalk it up to the weather. You also don't get fired, because, hey, it's an inexact science.)

In short, bring everything you own, because you might be skiing fresh powder in the morning and playing 9 holes in the afternoon. Which is not a terrible prospect all things considered.

I'm so helpful :

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