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Thank you Carolyn!

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I just want to thank my coach, Carolyn Fushimi, for an EPIC 4 days of skiing! I took away some valuable tools, lots of good memories, and some neet things to practice. Hey, I can ski on one foot...either one!

I went to Brighton on Saturday, missed you several times, but that's totally OK, cause I was sniffing here and there and was getting into skiing with Jeff and Lisamarie. I sniffed in the trees (well, 4 trees to be exact...it was a small detour on the side of a trail), and caught air once. For me, that's no small feat!

I went into a trail a few turns, and hiked out. I guess what you said is spot on: that I have some kahuna's mixed with common sense. I'm not too proud to admit when I'm over my head and get the (beep) out the safest way I can.
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Interesting! I was not done posting when it posted for me and then locked me out of the edit function! Spooky!

To sum up, I'd like to say Thanks a Bundle for the good time. You've helped my skiing immensely (Jeff made the comment that he can see a noticeable difference already........in that I'm on the edges more when I ski. YES!!!!!)

"A little bit softer now..." :
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And thank YOU, Ydnar, for putting up with my whining for a couple of runs.
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