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Needing some mid-fats for next season until those IM75-CHIPs go on sale, I picked up a pair of each in 170cm for short money on eBay. (The Beta Cruise are I think the first version, they are black.) I don't know anything about the Nords (they are also black) except what's on Peter Keelty's, but I have had good luck with Kastle in the past. Skis I liked this year were the CHIPs, R:9's, and Volkl V4's... didn't like C:9's... ambivalent about T50's and Sceneo's. I'm 160lbs and a level 6-7 eastern skier. My 180 Kastles with 65mm waist are pretty good on the groomed but a bit of a handful in slush or freshies. I'd appreciate any general comments on either or both, things to look for, that sort of thing. BTW the 9.22 comes with ESS310 and the Nords have Marker 5.1 EPS demos, but I do have some Solly's to swap out if needed for whichever pair I decide to keep. TIA