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Closed the season at 40, on April 27th. But just because my season pass expired on April 30th and I had to work on those three last days. And didn't feel like coughing up the €s for the summer season pass (mechanized skiing will last until mid June, but it's just two short runs and a flat third one)

I wish I would have started the "skinning up the mountain" season after that but...well, not this year (as not in the past years). Maybe next year. Time will tell

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40 total, pretty much evenly split between SLC and WB. Season really didn't get going until the second half of February, and, as usual, late March in SLC was just awesome.

Last trip to WB last week was interesting, with 6-8 on Sunday, then 60 degrees and luscious corn by Thursday.
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I was at Whistler in mid April and it was firm up top but soft on the lower mountain. Considering the very poor start to the winter it was very nice to have excellent coverage and be able to ski Franz' Run all the way down to the bottom at Creekside.

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With the cooling trend Bachelor has been skiing well.

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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post

Today will be number 122 for me. Hoping to get 30 more to break my previous total of 151.

Health (my wife got a pacemaker) and dental (the crown on my implant came loose) issues kept me from reaching my goal of exceeding 151 until today, June 7, when I got my 152nd at A-Basin.
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Congrats, Kneale, that's a few.



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I ended up with 79. Second best to last years 86.
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37 as of today. Will need to hit A-Basin each of the next two weeks to break last year's record of 38. Sounds like a good reason.......
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We got 38 in..if Abasin stays open for july 4th were going no matter how thin and slushy
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Still hoping for some summer skiing, if there is still snow here and there. 

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Today at Timberline made 144.... goin' tomorrow too... smile.gif
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