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How many days ya got?

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I think I have about 40 , all at snowbird, I was planning on getting around more but it just didnt happen. I hope to end the season with 50-60. Less than last year but not bad for having a hip surgery in November and not skiing until February, plus work and school
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5 at perfect north

1 at winterpark

2 at steamboat.


Going for double digits next year for sure

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66 and counting.
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19 at Whistler
8 at Snowbird
2 at Canyons
2 at Snowbasin

5 more at SLC starting tomorrow, then 6 at WB starting 26 April. Low 40's is my norm.
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I'm having my best year ever and sure hope to build on it in 2015.


2 at Mt. Holly and tomorrow will most likely be my last and 50th at Mary Jane.

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Tomorrow will be 46, 44 at Snowbird, 1 at Alta, and 1 at Deer Valley.  Originally I had hoped to hit 75 this season, but I'm thinking 60 will probably be the number.


Looks like your timing is good Snofun, the forecast is shaping up to be pretty good.  Lotta wind Saturday and then a lotta snow after that!

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I'm sitting at about 20. Hopefully one more this weekend. I've had 2 days at Snowbasin, 3 at Whitetail, and all the rest at Snowbowl.

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Tomorrow will be 60 and it's shaping up to be sick powder day skiing with my eldest son.

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

I'm having my best year ever and sure hope to build on it in 2015.


2 at Mt. Holly and tomorrow will most likely be my last and 50th at Mary Jane.


Wow, you always amaze me at how many days you get in while on "vacation".  You lead a charmed life sir. ;):)

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63 or so inbounds, plus prolly 10 days touring.

Still another month of IB, and then Spring touring. I'm guessing the final tally will be between 80 and 90, but who's counting?

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54 at Sun Valley

2 at Aspen Mt

2 at Snowmass

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119 will be about 140 be the time I am out of stowe and I guess ill get another 20-30 at snowbird and various other places this spring..  150ish is about my norm so ill be slightly over this year 


1800 + runs at stowe as well, by far the most of anyone there guest or employe. 

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I'm at 24 days with maybe one more weekend I can ski.

18 Welch Village
3 Big Sky
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Today will be 69!

5 heli skiing at Northern Escape
1 at Jackson. (Will be 5 on Monday)
5 at Aspen
2 at Whistler
1 at A Basin
23 at Copper
The rest at Breckenridge

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25 (my new record) with 9 days at Whistler and the rest in Quebec. I should finish just short of 30.


20 outings (anywhere from 1 to 2 hours) of X-country sking in montreal parcs and on lakes.



a good season!

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40!! I got a new job that gives me every other Friday off.

I'm done for the year now. Previous best was 34. I killed that record this year.
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42 so far.


45 a strong possibilty

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Tomorrow will be 40, have another month or so of season left, have a shot at the usual target of 50, as there are two long weekends in April, plus the odd possible cherrypick. All at Madesimo, except for the 5 days cat skiing and one day at Whitewater with Mr. Cooley. 

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Only 21 days for me this after hitting 25 each of the last two years.   I did get out west for 2 days this year finally and skied 2 days at Lutsen in Northern MN.   If I wouldn't have hurt my hip a bit like I did I would have made it over 25 for sure...

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Originally Posted by IL_Skier View Post

40!! I got a new job that gives me every other Friday off.


Pretty respectable for IL.



80 Nordic and 30 Alpine.  We had some snow squalls this morning, but unless we get a freak dump, I'm done with Nordic this year.  This was the best year I've ever had on Nordic skis.







I should get another seven or so Alpine.

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Tomorrow will be day 50 for me, I'll most likely end up with somewhere just south of 60 by the end of the season.

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Average 4 days per week since End of Nov.  So 17 weeks x 4 = 68? 


Not bad!


Than said I live 5 minutes from our local Mt.  So skiing from 7-8 last night counts right?

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32. I’ll likely end around 45.

I think I have 13 at WP, then 5 at Copper & ABasin, then the rest all over the map (Steamboat, PCMR, Canyons, Wolf, Monarch).

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2 days Killington

1 day at Hunter

1 day Jack Frost

1 day Elk

1 day Steam Boat

2 days Breck

1 day SugarBowl

1 day Alta

1 day Snowbird

2 days Canyons

1 day Heavenly

1 day Squaw

1 day backcountry

2 days Alpine

5 days Northstar

4 days Kirkwood

21 days Homewood


48 days so far and yesterday at kirkwood was the best.  1 foot of tahoe pow in the morning and 2 feet of untracked in the afternoon.

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40 so far.
34 at Stevens (+1)
3 at Sun Peaks
2 at Mission Ridge
1 at Alpental

I put the +1 with Stevens because last week I skied a full day at Mission and then the evening at Stevens.

Stevens will stay open through April, then I'll plan some days at Crystal which announced they'll be open at least through May 18. So I should be able to reach 50 pretty easily.
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23 so far for me. Another 12 or more before the season is over. Days are spread out along the Front Range areas with A-Basin and Copper getting the most visits.

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62 thus far - of course 90% of those are in the Midwest.


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30 days for me.  Full days, none of this 1-2 hour bullshit some of you guys call a day.

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16 for me so far, with 2 more days planned. 


2 at Beaver Creek

3 at Vail

1 at Keystone 

8 at Breck 

2 at Canyons

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3 at Mt Snow

4 at Sunape

5 split between Snowbird and Alta

6 plus a couple of night ski runs at Whitefish

6 at various areas on and off piste in Chamonix and Courmayeur


Total 24


+6 xc outings


I am planning on going a few more times this season.  Have not been up to northern VT at all this season which is very unusual so If there is another storm I will cause it if I can.  I also am planning to ski Tuckerman Ravine this spring; Kevin F has proposed a little gathering up there.  On the other hand, I was just in the bike shop looking at getting a new ride today.

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