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I promised during my talk at the ESA that I would post links to several websites that have good information for the non-physician on altitude medicine and related topics. Here is an annotated list of some of what I think are the best sites out there. I have put all of the links in hypertext.

High Altitude Medicine Guide - run by Thomas Deitz, MD, a well known and respected physician with great clinical and investigative experience in high altitude medicine. This site has considerable information for both physicians and laymen. It also contains an excellent list of references (but last updated a year ago, so not completely current)

The International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMMED) has an excellent tutorial on high altitude medicine and physiology for the non-physician.

A consensus statement on children and altitude from the ISMMED is also on that site. The contributors are all very authoritative experts.

A good article on high altitude medicine which appeared in American Family Physician about 5 years ago can be found here- fairly complete, yet easy to follow, perhaps a good reference to give to your personal physician if you have had problems with ascent in the past and are trying to get a prescription for Diamox, and s/he has no knowledge of the topic.

Bibliography of scientific publications on high altitude medicine and physiology maintained by Peter Hackett and Robert Roach and others, among the leaders in high altitude medicine- searchable by topic, title, author, etc. Very complete up to about 1½ years ago; most articles are for the physician or scientist, however, and do not automatically link to text, unless you are a subscriber.

Wilderness Medical Society

International Society for Mountain Medicine
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Thanks dp. Lots of good info here.
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DP, your presentation at the Academy was superb! Although I've read a good deal about this subject, dp's lecture went beyond conventional wisdom. He touched on issues pertaining to how dehydration, often present at high altitude, can mimic the symptoms of altitude sickness. He also mentioned that just an incremental increase in altitude, such as the 500ft. difference between Snowbird Lodge and Coalminer's Daughter, can caue someone to experience symptoms of altitude sickness.

I mentioned in an earlier post that this was my first trip to a higher altitude without taking diamox. Although I like to be as drug free as possible, I'm not sure I would do it that way again. The symptoms were not unbearable. But it was annoying to look down and see the mountain itself making turns!
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