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Lodging in Frisco

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Trying to do a relatively cheap trip. Dont want to rent a car if i dont have to.


Looking at lodging options in for dirt cheap, there is the Snowshoe Motel and the Alpine Inn.


Snowshoe is appealing cause its right on Main St. near bus stop. Looks dumpy which i expect for the price. Anyone stayed there?


Alpine Inn, is appealing because its newley remodeled, cheap, and next to the bus center. Not appealing because its not near downtown, and its on the interstate. I suppose i could just take the bus downtown to eat and drink...


Am willing to consider slightly more expensive properties that fulfill what im looking for. 


Any thoughts?

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Stayed at Snowshoe Inn March 11 for 2 nights with my son.  Though not modern, the rooms are clean and comfortable and I would stay there again.  It is conveniently located and the free bus to the ski resorts is right in front.  We went to Copper and had a blast. :)

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I have a rental condo in Frisco, if you're interested. Not dirt cheap, but spectacular and as convenient as possible.  You're worth it.  PM me with dates if interested.



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Originally Posted by WC68 View Post

Trying to do a relatively cheap trip. Dont want to rent a car if i dont have to.



How long is your trip and how many people?   CME to Summit, isn't exactly cheap and you loose a lot of flexibility.

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Two people but we don't arrive at same time, like 7 hours apart, and he doesn't want to wait on me,. Skiing Friday, sat, Sunday....probably stick to Copper the entire time,

CME is $100-$120 rt. I'm on the fence about renting a car. I'd hate to rent and get a storm and have to make a late night drive in it.
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