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I ski a lot, though my wife doesn't so I don't know if this thread belongs here as this is to do with travel and not skiing. As I prefer nature to crowded cities, I thought this forum might be a better place to ask.


I am wanting to plan a trip to Europe w/ my wife, before Putin invades. I have a close friend and his wife in England that I am talking to about meeting with us and vacationing with. I am thinking of flying in/out of London as my friend lives near there and it is a pretty cheap flight direct flight from Toronto I can upgrade to business class with the airline miles I have. I am also excited to fly in the 787 that goes there.


I have been to Europe twice, my wife has none. We recently got married and have no kids. There isn't anything thing I  really need to see, short of my friend and the 787 Dream liner. I would like to do a sampler of Europe to check stuff out. We aren't into crowds or touristy stuff. In all honestly I prefer a trip to the Grand Canyon or Adirondacks. Though as I live in the upstate NY, that is much easier and cheaper to do when I have kids, compared to a Europe trip. I love history, nature, mountains, lakes, any weather, but cold rain. I am interest in UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and maybe Italy and/or Spain. How many days should I spend to take a tour of this part of Europe? What places and sites do your recommend? I wouldn't mind going into Paris for a day, just to say I have been, but I do not have an interest in going to the top of the Effil tower or see the Mona Lisa.


Granted where I can go will be subject to change based on what my friend and his wife has an interest. They haven't been outside of the UK as they are from India, so they are interested, and with as much knowledge of Europe as we do.


I have been to the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Netherlands) on a Cruise and relatively Western Europe (Salzberg, Germany; Vien, Austria; and the Praug, Czech Republic)


My biggest fear is not doing it and saying to myself years from now, I wish we took the time to go to Europe.


Thanks in advance,