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Chrome problem

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I'm using Chrome (latest version) on Mac 10.9.1 and repeatedly have an issue.


Normally I'm on the new posts page.  If I get a PM I will go to that page. If it's a message that I respond to after I hit the send button if I use the back button on Chrome to thry and return to new posts a dialog box opens asking me if I want to navigate away from this page. At that point everything is hung. I have to force quit Chrome to recover. 

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I've had similar issues when previewing a reply. I do an edit, then it starts giving me lip about already submitting things and the next thing you know, the draft is gone AND the reply has not posted. Has happened twice, both times due to multiple fixes of the preview. I don't know the exact order of events, but I've never seen the issues when I post, only in private messaging. Chrome for Android. Maybe something to do with a difference in use between the back arrow of the browser and the u-turn looking arrow at the bottom. I know the are you sure thing comes up, and I know I'm not sure, but there seems to be no right answer.
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The message questioning if you want to navigate away from the page usually occurs when you have an unsubmitted reply, but should not appear after hitting submit.  @tylrwnzl will need check to see if similar errors have been reported in other forums.

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Hmmm I just tested on Windows 7 and Chrome and couldn't reproduce, but I don't have a Mac. I will submit a report and see what I hear. 


Weird I submitted the above a few hours ago, but the post is gone. Here is my answer ^^

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They're looking into it further, but have not been able to reproduce it at the moment. Could you try it with all your add-ons (if you have any in use) for Chrome disabled and see if perhaps one of those is causing the problem. 

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Can't seem to duplicate right now. It has happened more than once.

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Ok thanks. If it happens again let me know. 

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I have had issues very similar to Sibhusky's. Also on Android. I have a suspicion that it's somehow related to the darn autosave-drafts-every-n-seconds "feature". I think when you try to do something at the same time it's trying to auto-save, you're hosed. And since the connection on a phone is often slow, the browser spends much more time DOING auto-saves, so you're much more likely to experience a collision with it.


In any case, Chrome spends too much time trying to be shiny.

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Not sure of the point of the drafts feature if, when I'm previewing, I lose the ability to use the draft. It hasn't happened when posting on a thread, only in messaging. I don't get why they don't work the same way.
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@sibhusky @qcanoe would you like me to turn off the draft functionality for your accounts and see if it fixes your issue?

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Yes! Hate it.
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I thought we had a way to do that, but I'm not seeing it in my tools. Working on it. 

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@sibhusky auto-save drafts are now disabled for you. 

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Thank you.
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