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So I'm very new to this whole knee injury thing and would like the opinion of those that may have had a similar injury.


About three months ago I injured my knee simply stepping out of the shower. I didn't think much of it as there was no major trauma and I thought the pain would subside and go away in a few days. Little did I know, that I would end up having intermittent pain that has continued and gotten worse. My bad days are really bad where I can barely bend my leg at all, but then I weirdly have "normal" days where there is slight discomfort but overall not extremely painful.


MRI scans showed a small (2x3mm) interstitial tear in the distal quadriceps tendon. I'm 26 years old with a history of hyperthyroidism which I've heard might contribute to tendon weakness. The OS seemed to think that that wasn't important and also told me that the tear would heal on its own and just to avoid walking up stairs, prescribed PT (posed this as optional though) and anti-inflammatory meds. Most research I've seen shows that immobilization is required for full healing, so I'm getting a second opinion.


With possible tendon weakness from chronic illness, I'm just afraid of injuring it further. I'm trying to avoid any possibility of needing surgery in the future. 


Has anyone had experience with a small tear healing solely with PT and meds? Or is immobilization for ~3-6 weeks more common for complete healing? Is it normal for a 26 yo to injure their quad tendon by solely stepping out of the shower? Am I being a baby about a 2x3mm tear and should just suck it up??