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I'm currently on K2 Obsethed and I love them. I want to get something similar, maybe a little bigger, to put AT bindings on. The skis that have my attention most right now are the Pettitor, Bent Chetler, and Genome. Or maybe another pair of Obsethed. I've already demod the Bent Chetlers, and I'm going to try to get a chance to demo the Pettitors and Genomes, but I doubt I'll have a chance to try them out of bounds on anything really technical. I know the Obsethed are fine for the really steep stuff (i.e. Alaska), but how will the other three do on that kind of stuff? Am I better off just getting another pair of Obsethed? I'd like to go bigger and more playful if possible, but I want something that can still get me through the most technical lines.